Monday, April 7, 2014

[Fashion] Signature Plaids

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Hello chigas ❤❤❤

It has been awhile since my last update. Sorry for not update as many as possible but will try to going back to schedule this week. Taking this opportunity to talk about my personal while also sharing fashion here because beauty posts are damn overload. I don't think I could finish writing till the next year.

Currently quite of number of them asking me the same question, "Don't you have any worry in your life? You looks happy and enjoy whenever I meet you?". Well~ Of course not!! I don't think human has no worry in their life including myself. And my solution is never taking important of it, 'easy come easy go, life still going on no matter how you spend you life!'.

Of coz!! This is not easy as what the quote stated. Time is the best teacher of all. Although my age still the beginning stage but I think what I going thru was more than that. World are too cruel waiting me to stay steady and learn. If you can't fit yourself in the step, you will always backwards in every type of matter. Trust me!! I feel clueless and helpless in my choice and I am actually lost in my way. But life still going on, so yea... be happy to spend your day better then spreading your mood to makes people besides getting virus. Unless there has a really dumb-hole trying to increase your temperature's limitation.

Here's another outfit of the day #OOTD of myself. I always love plaids design as it's has an unique style that always make my body looks slimmer and high-end fashion yet not too formal and suitable in almost all vacation. Other than that, of coz!! RED is the best color to get yourself stand out than other. The main thing I like this outfit is a long version. It can be dress or jacket and has a magic illusion makes my body proportion become longer than usual.

Black are always the best match in every color unless going for pastel or sweet theme. Decided to wear black color as base so I can looks slimmer and yea.... the best match with red color must be black (my favorite color).

More pictures at below:

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(Thirty-Six Long Plaids Shirt | Brands Outlet Black Singlet | Cotton On Black Jean Short | Studded Leather Wingtips | Black Quilted Bag | Leather & Studded Accessories | Elle Watch)

I have many awesome friends to know my angel best.
Thanks again to United (my bestie) for the perfect photo pictures. *kiss kiss


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  1. I love how you pair the up the plaid with studded boots. Adds some swagger to your style.