Saturday, February 22, 2014

What 'I' Do All Day?

Yo! Welcome peeps~

Get many complains from friends and families about my beautiful life recently. I know I am freaking free nowadays almost a typical nerd who staying at home all day long except fetching my little brother to school and attend events. 

How can I do? My diploma chapter has end and am waiting another chapter starts to jot down. Everyone like giving me a 'meh' face when I told them I did not working outside. It's kinda weird because who said staying at home doesn't has any incomes?! If you asking me did I feel embarrassing when taking pocket money from my parents, I will reply "No!! I am happy taking from them.". Why not? Izzit weird when taking money at 20's age? They still giving me pocket money every month, the point is I keep it as saving.

I have income but is a home-based. I am a comic assistant, makes correction and apply background and I just have to submit thru online without going to company. Then a part-time blogger, writing advertorials and reviewing products on my blog. Also a freelancer designer, creating website for my customer.

(Oh ya.... I know most of you guys are keen to hire me for blog design. My service is officially makes open to public so if you're keen, please click 'here' for more detail. By the way, I only do one or two blog design every month.)

I pretty much enjoy my life now. But frankly speaking, do not aspect to have big friends chain coming to your life. Anyway, I have sudden inspiration to write this post, "What I Do All Day?

Average wake-up time: 10.30 am, in the morning

Everyday is beautiful for me! I am natural night activity girl. I am more active in night comparing to day time. Therefore, I usually spent my night time for blogging, drawing and other stuffs. I did set alarm on 10.30am because I have to cook brunch for my little brother before fetching him to school. And I love Wednesday because he attends co-curriculum activities in the morning so my daddy in charge of it.

First things: Checking phone (*must)

Rolling on the bed at least 5 minutes then the first thing must do before everything else; checking phone. WeChat, Mail, Instagram & Facebook is a must. Just checking but not going to reply anything else because I don't have the habit replying on phone. I love replying thru computer because I love the feeling of typing words instead of clicking words, LOL.

After rolling on bed for 30 minutes, next thing: A fresh start!

Even though I do not brush my teeth at night but I will/must brush my teeth on the next morning because is all about appearance and manner. A look decides a impression.... although nowadays I spent most of time at home. The next thing, of course!! Washing faces and preps my skin. Another important thing I will do everyday, apply sunscreen even at home! Weather is too dry and humid.

1/2 pm in the afternoon: Fill my stomach. Brunch!

When I am in charge for my little brother's school life, I will cook for him and me as well. But if not, my brunch pretty simple, a glass of milk/ bottle of yakult then pairs with cereal. Needs to diet by the causing of overeating during Lunar New Year while also needs to keep fit for upcoming invites to other country representing Malaysia so I can't make myself get humiliation. Hope I can reach my ideal target. *finger cross badly

3pm, in the afternoon: Watching television and plays with dog.

4/5pm, in the afternoon: Head to study room and starts finding inspiration

Head to study room and starts sketching / thinking while also watching drama thru iPad mini. I love jotted down everything before moving to digitize. Mostly I sketch for blog design and comic purposes. I'm kinda weirdo, I searching inspiration depending on environment and mood of the day. But recently I fall in love with study room (after moving to new house) because the environment and the colors really relaxing. By the way, if you've pay attention on my picture background, book shelves almost empty lol, because me and siblings aren't book/novel freaks. We love gadgets more than anything. 

6 to 8pm: Spending time in front of my computer.

A day without computer could be a hell for me. No matter how tired am I..... I must open computer even though just staring in front of it and blank thinking. And my life is computer-related. Everything must done by using computer. Facebook, shopping online, youtube, dailymotion and reading blog. Then editing and creating website for costumer and comic. Time is moving fast during this period.

8.15pm to 10pm: Taking dinner and watching television and chatting with my family. 

10pm to 12am, in the midnight: Review, swatch-ing and playing with products.

Blogging is my passion and hobby. Blogging is fun and creative. I can express myself thru blogging. Another way, blogging is my beauty lifestyle journal. This records my footprint!╰( ̄▽ ̄)╮ Taking out products I get or received recently and starts reviewing, swatch-ing and playing with products. I love playing with them. Then, I will starts shooting with products. 

1am to 3am: Stop shooting and starts blogging

After shooting, put my camera back to shelve and starts writing blog. I promise myself try to blog as much as I can, so I open my laptop and start editing pictures and blog about it (like what I did now), then I will save as draft and publish it on the next day. Typing words is the funnest part!! While blogging, also wechatting with my ghost friends.

4am: Time to sleep but before sleep!! Is story time!!

One of my favorite list to do before sleep. I will change to pajamas and then lay on bed reading comic thru iPhone because it's more convenient and closer. Comic fans but not an anime lovers because anime sometimes was too foolishly and kinda short and I don't like how the anime character speaks actually especially female. 

Average sleep time: 5am, in the early morning. Time to sleep!!

So, this is how I spend my day. Still the same sentences, I pretty much enjoy my life now and I kinda addict with my recent life now. However, life still goes on. No matter who am I, no matter what I did, no matter where I've come from, I can always change, become a better version of myself.

End my words here.



  1. aww its so nice to read a blogpost about what you do all day! let your readers get to know you better!

  2. 10pm -3am, is beauty bloggers fav time!<3 *exception for assignment week lols

  3. Oohh comic assistant! If have time can do it :( Never experienced beforehand haha.

  4. this is me before I have a day job now. i miss my old life! cool post chency as always! i love how you always take perfection when posting a blog post! chincai were never in your dictionary! <3

  5. What a beautiful life! It's good to work from home, no need stuck in jam til no mood to work.

  6. Why you dont brush your teeth during night time? make it a MUST habit too becos the germs in our gum and teeth will stuck there, party all night inside your mouth while you're sleeping which lead to tooth decay, unhealthy gums and etc. Just my 2 cents of advice :)