Tuesday, February 25, 2014

[MakeUp] 费欧蜜娜 Ferrmina Dudu Mouth Lip Balm in Retro Red

Ferrmina Dudu Mouth Lip Balm in Retro Red

Bonjour my lovelies~

Lunar New Year has passed but I still can't get enough with red shade of color. Red color is so attractive and edgy in many ways. Of course! It also depends on how you rocking the red. 

So today in this post, I would like to rocking another nice shade of red product which I get it from http://www.silkapple.com (a website where selling Taiwan's hot selling product), Ferrmina Dudu Mouth Lip Balm in #Retro Red. This lips product become one of my favorite lips product of this month. Continue scrolling down and you will know the reason why I love this.

Ferrmina Dudu Mouth Lip Balm in #Retro Red is a multi-function color pigmented lip balm. This balm and rouge gives a sharp color while also helps to moistures lip like normal lip balm does. The packaging of the design is like a crayon jumbo pencil which makes easy to apply and more convenient for retouching make-up when at outside. It also easy to controls when lining lips.

Ferrmina Dudu Mouth Lip Balm has an unique formula helps to promote the cell regeneration and blood circulation, moistening the lips and producing free radicals that provides a formidable oxidation resistance function. It blocks cell membranes producing peroxide formation, that causes the cell membrane to be starved of oxygen  therefore reducing the ageing process.

Ferrmina Dudu Mouth Lip Balm in #Retro Red

Jumbo crayon pencil likes shape

Round shape of tip

easy to apply and more controllable when linings lip

Ferrmina Dudu Mouth Lip Balm in Retro Red
• sharp color with superb moisturizing abilities
• promotes the cell regeneration and the blood circulation
• moistening the lips  and producing free radicals 
• blocks cell membranes producing peroxide formation
• suitable for all skin types


RM38 / 2.3g

Made in:
Made in Shanghai, China

Where to Buy?

Silk Apple 

Silk Apple is a website who online shop who selling Echisse, Ferrmina and Reacheer brands. In case you kinda blur, the brands they carried are hot brands selling in Taiwan. They selling skin-care and cosmetic products in affordable price. "

The texture of Fermina Dudu Mouth Lip Balm in Retro Red is really smooth and manageable. While the vibrancy of color could be consider medium. The more layers apply, the more vibrant of color will be show. This lips can be use as natural makeup (one layer and then blend out) and also for dramatic makeup (more layers to apply) yet has moisturizing effect without feeling sticky and tacky. The outcome of feeling after apply is really smooth yet doesn't smudge easily.

For longer lasting part, this lip products considers as low. It doesn't really stay on lips especially after eating; will have to touch up again. But if you're use as natural lips, this balm actually holds the color quite well. If you're using as dramatic lips, this makeup doesn't holds longer.

Texture and vibrancy of color

Comparison before and after



Overall look

So... what do you think with this product so far?

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  1. I need to try this color! I love pigmented lib balm markers that are fat in shape like this it just feels so much more comfortable to use hehe. you're so cute!