Friday, February 14, 2014

Fashion Culture Box: Queen of Hearts

Fashion Culture Box Debut: Queen of Hearts

Happy Double Valentines Lovelies ♥♥♥

Today is Valentine’s Day and it is also the same day where the Chinese celebrate Chap Goh Meh, and it happens once every 19 years. The date is also the 15th day of the first lunar month (or Chap Goh Meh in Hokkien), also known as Chinese Valentine’s Day.

Back to topic! I'd received a pilot  box from Fashion Culture Box, which had to choose either Queen of Hearts or Queen of Fairytales series and my picked was Queen of Heart theme.

Simple white box with only a logo as cover box. Inside was beautifully wrapped with white ribbon with logo tag. 
A simple elegant design and packaging.

Well... I bet most of you guys have heard about beauty box from many brands that consists beauty products in a box that to be subscribe monthly to delivers to your doorstep. The concept of Fashion Culture Box is just the same like other beauty box BUT the difference is about fashion, which means this box is a fashion box that also consists few pieces of beauty product together with fashion accessories and more.

How it works?
♥ Three themes of style to choose to subscribe
♥ The style of the fashion accessories will be tailored according to your taste based on the theme you choose.
♥ Products will not be reveal until the day you receive the box
♥ With just RM58 subscription a month (including shipping fees), you will receive a box full of fashion accessories and beauty products. 

I did mention that I picked Queen of Hearts theme from Fashion Culture Box. This theme is classy and sexy, with deep and bold colors. A fearless individuality and personality exudes through style and fashion sense. Is a seductress, with a sultry style that shows off confidence in pulling off the look perfectly which is my favorite and signature styles all the times.

Let's preview with what fashion and beauty pieces I got from Queen of Hearts theme.

Fashion Culture Box: Queen of Hearts

Necklace - Tears of Rose Vintage Choker
Earring - Hypnotic Chandelier Earring
Bangle - Sun & Moondust Duo Bangle
Ring - The Royal Ruby Heirloom
Nail Polish - Bloop Nail Polish H113 (13.5ml)
Mask - TT Mask Snail Extract with Sakura Repairing Mask


Fashion Culture Box

My thought of this fashion box is totally worth it! Many fashion and beauty pieces in one box are totally more than the price (RM58/box) plus it is convenient and easy (delivery mode) especially to busy people who has less time to shopping.

Frankly speaking, I've been waiting so long for a fashion box arrive in Malaysia because I love fashion and it is just a wear and showing off without felling worry and burden than a beauty box (*honest feeling: beauty products are hard to play with! especially skincare.) Besides that, what I love about Fashion Culture is they have come with many theme of style to choose, so everyone has different style to choose and play for. Totally love this concept! Although there's no pictures as references when sneak peak order but guess has not much worry because the accessories are always stick with the theme of style.

I think this box is really perfect box for girl! Say yeah!! to surprise, fashion and beauty. This box really done the job. Peeps! If you're looking for gift for girls, this is it! *thumb up

Oh yeah! By the way, my favorite pieces between all are the necklace (Tears of Rose Vintage Choker) and ring (The Royal Ruby Heirloom). Oh my!! Luckily I haven't purchase choker from other blogshop which I'm eyeing for a long time. This choker is so so pretty and yes!! it's black and red (my favorite color). While the ring design is pretty yet attention seeking and the most important is the color, lol.

Scroll till here. You have seen what the products inside the box. Now! Tell me.... which item is catch your eye? (Waiting for your answer (^ω^) )

The price of Fashion Culture Box is RM58/box which has three themes of styles to choose for.
Instagram: (@fashionculturebox)

*Chapter 1 Themes Debut Series: Parisian Affair | Beach Holiday | Safari Adventure
PS: I am going to giveaway one Fashion Culture Box: Travel Series (March edition) worth RM58 to one lucky reader. Scroll down to end for more information.

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Talk no more! Is GIVEAWAY TIME!!
I will be giving out one Fashion Culture Box: Travel Series (March Edition) worth RM58 to one lucky reader.
Follow the instructions below to complete the contest.
Good luck everyone o(≧v≦)o



  1. Hi Chency^^

    You look stunning! I really like the earring. Oh wishing you a belated Happy Chap Goh Meh :)

    And answer is RM58 per box.

  2. RM58 per box! :D


  3. with so much of pretty stuffs, it is just RM58 per box!!

  4. The box is worth RM58 and I want to win it! :D

  5. Hi Chency! Great that you are back! Waiting for a long for your blogpost! Thanks for giveaways too!, Anyways,my answer is RM58/each :D

  6. You look like a queen!! And the answer is RM58

  7. RM58 per box!! Actually I sub for Parisian theme box jor.. haha really want to win another box for my lovely friend for her birthday. haha. ^^

  8. How much is Fashion Culture Box?

    all things in the box is really nice!!!

  9. RM58 per box :)

    Be my Valentine <3

  10. Fashion Culture Box costs RM 58 per box!!~ ^-^