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Blog My Life (Draw My Life)

Bonjour my lovelies ♥♥♥

It's been a freaking upon time ago since I have posted about personal journal. Frankly speaking, I'd hate to exposes my privacy on online Medias because I won't think it's safe! Plus, my characteristic is one of the reasons. Yet another reason was,
#highestselfesteemation #feelingwannapunchMEright? #syoksendiri

I love watching Youtube Channel. I could spend whole day time just sitting in front of gadget or laptop (sometimes TV on Youtube) watching all so damn random videos such as games video, cooking show, makeup tutorial, ghost story, fiction or non-fiction life story even some freaking disgusting video like 'the biggest pimple in the world', etc videos..... But I don't like to watch anime and drama series (only few of them)
I know I am nerdo weirdo!!

If you're also like to watch on Youtube then you should probably saw major of youtubers have uploaded a video story called, 'DRAW MY LIFE', where was youtubers sharing about their life story. It's pretty inspirational and satisfy when you watching how was their life because different people have different story to be told. From their videos, I have learnt many lessons from them because they let's us know this world is beautiful.

After watching many version of 'Draw My Life' from youtube, I think I should get one too. Instead of filming and then throw on Youtube, I think by blogging would suits me more just because Im'ma video awkward!

SO! Here is the brief summary of my life 
(Blog Version aka Write My Life)

On 29th July 1993, I was born in an ordinary hospital of a small town called Pahang, Malaysia. My parents name me as Chen Choi Yee with no depth reason, just because they think it suits me and I like my name alot. My mandarin name called 曾翠怡 but last year my parents changed my name into 曾翠漪 due to some theory of Feng Shui applied.

I am a typical Chinese mixed with just a little percentage of British's blood. My dad has an beautiful gold brown eyes (brown pupil with gold iris), dark brown curly hair and kinda faces of British-ish look. Then, my mum is a really typical Chinese who has a super dark smooth straight hair, olive skin-tone but she has a big eyes and dolly faces (aka baby faces).

I am so proud that being their children
I am super sad BECAUSE I don't get the great DNA from my parents!!!! Such as gold brown iris, super dark smooth hair, tall nose, big eyes and dolly faces!! \(# ‵o′)/ What I get was a pair of dark brown eyes (only can be seen when under sunlight), slight-curl dark brown hair, short nose, single eyelid and big faces. o(>n<)o

The most annoying part in my childhood life was my brothers kept using me as a joke because they have inherited good DNA better than me (and they're know I am freaking care about this!) which made me lost my confident between them. ( / . \ )

Talking about my siblings, I have two elder brothers and one little brother. Yes!! This means I am the only girl, so..... Yeah!! My treats from my parent are special too. #awesome But I still hope to have a little sister so I won't be too bored.....  By the way, I am the third between my siblings.

I live in Pahang Malaysia for 11 years and then I moved to the city of Malaysia calls Selangor.

My childhood memory was super wonderful because it's pretty adventurous and challenging. I have two sides of myself which are girly version and also monkey version of myself.


I loves playing doll especially Barbie and I am super proud that I own a quite complete collections. I have 7 female dolls, 3 male dolls, 2 kid dolls, few of animal dolls and then have two big doll mansions, collections of transportation such as cars, bicycles, skater boards and many more. The proudest collection I have was private swimming pool, customize homemade furniture done by a carpenter who was hired by my mum, extensions of makeup room, closet, saloons & gardens and also awesome customize of clothes done by a tailor who was also hired by my mum too. I have over 100 customize clothes (like variety types of baju kurung, kebaya, sari, cheongsam, gown, wedding dress, skaters jeans, jacket, tee and dress | types of shoes and bags too) . Yes!! Is freaking big!! I am super duper love and appreciate my collections.

I am glad and thanks thanks thanks... to my mum who made my memory so awesome and love!! I know this could be every little girl dreams so when I'm turned to teenager, I have donated to Orphanage, some went to my little cousins and I still keep few of them (1 female, 1 child and favorite clothes).

I am a girl who playing in a big fantasy imagination. I always played with my dolls alone at midnight (is quite lonely sometime because no one share this imagination with me). Yes!! I am natural night activity girl. Because the boy version of me has claimed my precious evening time!


I am the only daughter in my family and I am also the only little girl in my street of my residence area. True!! All my neighbor friends are BOY!! This also explain me why I  was like a monkey. I still remember that my brothers and me (little brother haven't born to this world yet) together with my neighbor friends always hang out together playing games such as football but always broke someone house window (nearby) until they build a high wall, playing video games (WWE, Naruto, King of Fighter), ran into jungle to catch snake or wild chicken, jump into river with naked upper body, steal fruits and many more....

My friends are shocked when hear my childhood story... LOL  

My dad and mum have a short immigration to England because of working issue when I was 4 years old. So my bros and me were temporally moved to my aunt house. Well~ my life still hectic of playing just in different environment. And this time, more members join my groups who are my three elder brother-cousins. Yes!! Again!! All BOYS!!

A half year later, my parents back to Malaysia because my mum freaking worried and missed us. She said she will regret her whole life if she's not besides us during our life growth. My dad has tried to apply immigration for us to England but don't know why they have cancelled the plan. ╮(╯_╰)╭

Therefore, I just lived with my aunt's family for only half year. Then I moved back again to my house. My dad was worked at other state, Kuala Lumpur so he only travel back to home where was at Pahang every weekend. My relationship with my dad was pretty awkward until I officially moved to Selangor faced with him every day.

Although I am Chinese girl but I am freaking hate Mandarin. Mandarin is super hard especially on writing part because it's so complicated for me. I have thanks to my kindergarten life because at least I learnt some basic Mandarin words. My kindergarten is an English-language based (wait.... do you know Malaysia is a multi-language country? Our main language is Malay. (⊙v⊙) ) And I have a bestie call Catherine. We very closed to each other during kindergarten school and both of us hate Mandarin. I think she is one of reason hating Mandarin. LOL

Then moves to primary school, I studied at girl school and it's an evening class. Since I always have my breakfast before heading to school, so my mum decided just giving me 20 cents!!!! YES!!! 20 CENTS for me in case I need to do some emergency call. At that time, I start jealous to my brothers (different schools) because their pocket money is much better than me!!!!!  \(T ^ T)/ They reason why my mum only give me so freaking little pocket money because she don't want me eat too many snacks (Im'ma snacks lover).

Thanks to my smart brain... Since my mum just giving me 20 cents so I end up borrow money from a friend, Chammy because she has much pocket money. Of course!! Buying snacks!! Then, I robbed my piggy bank $$ until they're bankrupt and sometimes steals coin from my mum's wallet (PLEASE DO NOT LEARN YEA).

Day after day, my debt becomes bigger. One day, my mum received a call from Chammy's mum asking for paying back money I have borrowed. ╭( / . \ )/  My mum was very mad and she beat me with rotan. The lesson I learnt after: Please do not borrow MONEY!!

But after this case, my mum has raised my pocket money. From 20 cents to 50 cents. ( =.=") She said is enough for me to buy snacks. ( / . \ )

During my school life, I am proud of myself because I got scholarships starting from primary till high schools. I really enjoyed all the benefits given from scholarships, free school stuff, foods, money and SNACKS. I was so excited to carried a big plastic back of SNACKS especially milk every weekend and shared with my bros. I don't think I am clever because my result was just so so but I have to admit that I am lucky and smart enough. Hehehehehe.....

When I was 10 years old, my little brother was born. It's quite despaired because I really hope to have a sister instead of brother. But fact still fact; can't change it anyway. I still happy because I'm not longer the youngest anymore. Finally I have a new 'toy' for me to played with. Yes!! That's what I think that time. My lil bro always gave me a 'meh' face whenever I mentioned this.

I learnt to be independent after my lil bro has bred. My mum was too busied to look after my lil bros till she was always late to fetching me. Because I hate waiting.... so I'd stopped eating snacks and used my pocket money, 50 cents and start's my very first experience of taking bus to home (40 cents per ride if not mistaken). My first experience of my bus adventure was super awesome but it was a bad experience for my mum, because she thought I was been kidnapping by someone. She searched whole school even called my dad who works at outstation saying that I was missing. In fact, I was so happy waiting at my home garden sumore threw my school backpack at garden and then played with my neighbor friends. I should thanks to my neighbor for calling my mum saying that I was at her home playing at that time. I know it was horrific experienced for my mum. *sorry mum

After that, I'd requested my mum not fetching me anymore. Of course!! My mum was dispute but due to my stubbornness, my mum has gave up at the end.

When I was 11 years old, my parents decided moved to Selangor, Malaysia. And I start my new life at there. My new house is an apartment so I have to give up many toys when moving. My new school life was pretty ordinary (no drama happened). Then I graduated and start my high school life. My high school life was also pretty bored but I have two big dramas happened.

I have a bossy look. I'm not mean but I am ego. My first drama where happened when I was 15 years old with a girl called, Mey (now she is one of my besties). She is bitchy!! Her words are like swords always stabbing my heart, therefore I hate her!! Freaking hate her!! A big drama happened when I started pouring water towards her face because..... erm.... erm..... I forgot aldy.... After that, her lil brother made a move of revenge back by pouring back water to me and we start our 'real fight'.

A year after, we have been placed in a same class which is unlucky for me and her because we really hate each other. BUT... 'Times heal all wounds!!' Times pulled our relationship closers and now we always hang out shopping and gossiping together. It's pretty miracle. Isn't?

The second drama is when I was 16 years old. The second bitch I hate calls Amelie (yet another bestie now and you should always see her face in my blog). This time is different case. We’re courtesy to each other BUT in real, we don't really like each other. Although still consider friends but we don't have anything to talk. Drama starting when she admired my second brother. She started annoying me by always making jokes asking about my bros. But.... when jokes too frequently, it's not a joke anymore (consider as 'three strikes law')

One day, my mood was freaking bad and I met her. As usual, she made joke again which made me really pissed off. Finally I replied her with quite 'hurt words' and this made our relationship even worse. Then another one day, I have blogged about (already started to blog but treated as journal dairy) a bitch but she thought that I was blogged about her, and then she started attack me back with words too. It's was kinda funny when she found the person actually was not her but from this case our relationship was like hi-bye friendship level. We start becomes bestie last year after frequency of hanging out together.

Graduated from high-school, I‘ve been pumped to PLKN as three months soldier. My life during PLKN was like heaven because it's seriously fun and challenging. In other way, PLKN was also changed my mind and view of people. I become not bossy anymore and my view of people become more positive instead of making ego faces in front of them.

I know I really asshole but I'd become more mature and sensible, okay!! *thumb up

2011 years, I'm started active in blogosphere just because I love to design blog layout. Then, I have few readers who started reading and appreciated my design which makes me felt so loved. Day after day, I officially started to proper writing and managing my blog. Slowly I gained more readerships from ten to hundreds to thousands daily. This is one of the best decisions I made in my life.

My life now was pretty hectic and satisfied because I am doing what I love right now. I know I am the lucky one because my 98% momento are happy memories. I am lucky to know many mentors who willing to teach me on how to see this world, friends who treated me so good and families who love me a lot. Thank you for the tolerant of my childishness and emotional. I learnt to be more mature in ways. I am looking forward for my life to shine brighter and bigger.

This year, I'm turning 21 years old and my life still counting on and I knew this is just the beginning of my life. I'm just listed my 2014 resolutions to goal within this year. Life to be continued is way more fun. :)

Love yea ♥♥



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