Wednesday, January 22, 2014

[Event] Christmas with XES Shoes

Howdy guys~

Kinda busy recently for upcoming secret project. I know this post kinda late because is Christmas related but better late than never right? Lol

Yes!! I had to special thanks to XES Shoes for organizing Christmas Party with exclusive bloggers and also awesome Christmas gifts to us. Is not one but TWO presents I get. Thanks so much!! ♥♥♥

I think majority of us are familiar with the XES Shoes brand because footsteps are everywhere in major shopping center and retails complexes malls. Fred not! XES brand has over 90 outlets branched and still counting now. Such a big applause to the brand! *clap clap

The XES brand prides itself for developing perfect and affordable footwear for family everyday use. It continues to generate collections after collections of ladies’, men’s and children’s shoes that widely appeals to the masses for its style, comfort and value for money factor. 
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Thursday, January 16, 2014

[Event] WeChat New Games Launch

Hello bunnies and game freak ♥♥♥

Like finally!! WeChat Malaysia has finally launched 3 games in newest version of WeChat 5.1 ver. Wuhoo!! I am so honored be the one of twenty exclusive bloggers to share and play these games at BluMed Restaurant.  

Me and Melissa holding soft puffy WeChat Toy. Too comfort to handle. :)

BluMed Restaraunt, Midvalley

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[Event] Nature Republic 4th Anniversary Celebration Special Sale!!

Hello pretty peeps ♥♥♥~

If you're one of my friend on my instagram, '@thechency'. Foremost, you already knew that I am going mad with Nature Republic 4th Anniversary Celebration together with their super deal awesome promotion that you might never want to miss out too, "BUY 2 FREE 1!" 
*kindly reminder: promotion starts from 11th Jan till 30th Jan 2014. 

And yes!! I went to Nature Republic Flagship Store in Berjaya Times Square shopping centre on the event day together with butterflies from The Butterfly Project because I never want to let myself miss this deal! Their products are good and natural yet in an affordable price too.

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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

[SkinCare] Yadah Oh My Sun Block

Annyeonghaseyo ♥♥

Talking about Yadah, I bet most of you familiar with this brand because I do quite many reviews with Yadah products and recently I have pre-CNY Celebration with Yadah and The Butterfly Project (click here to read more).

Today would like to do a review on Yadah upcoming product that will be launch on this Feb 2014 which is Yadah new improved formulated sunblock series, Yadah Oh My Sun Block with SPF35/PA++

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Monday, January 13, 2014

[Hair] 10 times Stronger Hair with Dove Intense Repair

Question to fashionista who loves changing hairstyle to suit the trends theme or occasion of the day.
Do you headache with your current hair condition which is brittle, dull and unmanageable? 

Well!! I am!! I am one in the percentage having these problems while also searching for a good hair products who can at least makes my hair feels better than now.

If you having damaged hair and you're still looking for a good damaged hair product. Would like to share with you, Dove's latest intense repair range, Dove Intense Repair.

Dove Intense Repair Range

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Friday, January 10, 2014

[How to] Makeup Brush Cleansing Board

Hello little bunnies ♥♥

Any makeup junkies having problem cleansing makeup brushes? 

Well~~ Makeup brushes really help my life easier! Without makeup brushes, my makeup won't longer lasting and docile yet create natural makeup look with minimum makeup product especially bb cream or foundation.

We all know makeup brushes are really handy-helpful but we're also know that makeup brushes are also the dirtiest tools compare with other makeup tools because it's collect trillion bacteria inside.

What is the solution of keeping makeup brushes always clean?

Yup!! Is CLEANSING! But how frequent you have proper 'cleansing' your brushes? Not that type of makeup brushes cleanser spray yea!! That's USELESS!! I mean... it is helps for temporarily use (only minimize the bacteria percentages but not much for real!) because bacteria easily growth in wet condition. Thinking about it when you're using makeup brushes cleanser spray and the wipe away just using tissue papers, and then uses it on face. Then keep repeating the step again and again for about one week? one month? or one year?! Dirt and bacteria are just only slightly remove but NOT COMPLETELY REMOVED!! Imagine whenever you use your makeup brushes, can you count the amount of bacteria?!


Back to March 2013, I still remembered of one day I have randomly viewed a DIY video from Youtube and I found that this DIY is really useful for all makeup junkies!! So, today I want to recreate my own version of DIY and decided share it in my blog.

It is quick, easy and effective method to deep clean your makeup brush collection yet in a low cost budget tools that can be find in major stores.

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Thursday, January 9, 2014

[SkinCare] Oslee Pomegranate Milky Mask

Hello Bunnies ♥♥

Would like to do a quick and easy review on O'slee Pomegranate Milky Mask. Well~~ If you're love visit pharmacies or drugstores, I bet this product seem familiar to you! Yup!! This product is one of the best seller product in MAJOR stores. Do you try it? Let's view my thought right now?!

By the way, I will be giving away one set of O'slee Combo Set (Rosehip Hyda-White Cleansing Powder & Rosehip Beauty Solution Advanced Formula III) to one lucky reader at the end of the post. Keep reading yea?!

What inside the package?

O'slee Pomogranate Milky Mask contains a cute jar of mask, mask stick (spatula) for scooping purposed and cleansing sponge to remove away mask easily.

O'slee Pomogranate Milky Mask come is a very cute design which in shape of 'JAR'. It reminds me of Aroma Oil Burner, lol. Besides that, I love when the package has comes with a stick aka spatula which makes progress easier and more hygiene instead of using hand when scooping out. For the cleansing sponge part, this tool really helps me alot because the texture of this mask hard to wash off if using bare hands.

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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

[Event] Yadah CNY Party

Ni hao!! 

Chinese New Year is around the corner!! Everyone done CNY groceries and clothes shopping?
Well~ This year I am not in the mood so I skip clothes shopping since quite many pieces of clothes I haven't wear yet so maybe I could spend my other money on other place. Maybe on spa? nail? hair? cosmetic? or skincare?

Talking about beauty, I had celebrating early Chinese New Year Party with Yadah and The Butterfly Project at one of my most wanted visited place in this year, Little Wanton TTDI. You should definitely visit the place at least one time because their wanton is threesome!! Yummy, Creative & Affordable!! :D

Let's back to main topic of the day, Yadah Skincare.
It's my honor again to lets me know more about Yadah. Do allow me to introduce again Yadah in case you still unfamiliar with this brand.

YADAH, is a brand from Korea, a skincare range targeted to teenagers and young adults, which formulated to be hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic. Yadah is 100% free from artificial coloring, preservatives, mineral oil, sulphate and animal extracts. One of the key ingredient using in Yadah products is Opuntia Ficus extract, a unique cactus species organically grown and cultivated in Korea, known for its strong anti-inflammatory and high potent antioxidant properties which help neutralise free radicals harmful to the skin. 

Yadah's Best Seller Products:
(Yadah Sunblock 'new launch product' | Bubble Deep Cleanser | Anti-t Line Range | Lip Tint Balm
Mascara Series [read my review here] | Sweet Milky Tint [read my review here] | Ampoules)

Yadah Bubble Deep Cleanser 150ml - RM49.00
Yadah Vitamin Toner 80ml - RM49.00
Yadah Vitamin Emulsion 80ml - RM49.00

Yadah Anti-t Line Range

Yadah Anti Trouble Bubble Cleanser 150ml - RM59.00
Yadah Anti-T-Toner 100ml - RM59.00
Yadah Anti-T Emulsion 100ml - RM59.00
Yadah Anti-Trouble Spot 15g - RM35.00

Yadah Cactus Mist (Fruit Garden) 60ml - RM25.00
Yadah Cactus Mist (Fresh Lime) 60ml - RM25.00
Yadah Hand Cream 14g - RM17.00

Yadah Cleansing Nose Pack (10 pieces) - RM19.00
Yadah Brightening Mask Pack (3 pieces) - RM19.00
Yadah Brightening Ampoule 30ml - RM65.00
Yadah Collagen Ampoule 30ml - RM65.00

Yadah Natural Hair Shampoo 250g - RM35.00
Yadah Natural Hair Shampoo 400g - RM45.00
Yadah Natural Body Lotion 250ml - RM35.00
Yadah Natural Body Wash 250ml - RM35.00

Yadah Angel BB Cream 40ml
(01.Light Beige & 02.Natural Beige)
- RM 49.00

Yadah Lip Tint Blam 4.5g
(01.Cherry Red | 02.Shiny Peach | 03.Sugar Pink | 04.Bling Bling Yellow)
- RM25.00

Yadah Lovely Lip Gloss 9.8g
(01.Strawberry Pink | 02.Tropical Orange | 03.Cherry Ade | 04.Bling Bling Essence | 05.Peach Smoothies)
- RM19.00

Above are product information and prices, in case you're keen to know it. (∩_∩)
Some activities of the day. Yadah wanted us to tried and test their best seller product; Yadah Bubble Deep Cleanser and Yadah Lip Tint Balm. Everyone really enjoying tried and tested the product during the day.

Product tested: Yadah Bubble Deep Cleanser

Tried: To see the effectiveness to remove impurities and light make up.
Result: Yes. It's work!!  ☑

Product: Yadah Lip Tint Balm

Tried: Apply lip tint balm and eat a bowl of noodles. After eating, check the tint lip balm still on lip or not.
Result: Yes. It's work!! 

High applause to Yadah products. It's also a great session gather with my blogger friends, butterflies during that day. We having a great chit-chat and camwhore session. It's really nice when same interested peoples gather together and talked about beauty like no tomorrow. Other than that, we wrote our resolution of the year on the lantern too. :D

Latern on the wall. :D

Girls being girl: Selfie is a must!!

Another awesome photo picture snapped by Nala. 

Lastly, group pictures with The Butterfly Group.
May wish you all happy and lucky all the year.

*some pictures are courtesy to Nala and Angeline. Thank you. :D

For more information, please visit to:
Yadah Malaysia:
The Butterfly Project:
Little Wanton TTDI:

Happy Chinese New Year in advanced everyone.


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Monday, January 6, 2014

[Event] Kinohimitsu X Butterfly Project Luau Party

Ola Ole guys~

Another awesome event with butterflies from The Butterfly Project for invitation to know more about Kinohimitsu new products launch. I like the theme of the day which is all about grass skirt, Hawaiian dance, coconut boobs and flower crown.... yeas is LUAU PARTY!!!

The event was held at Villa Manja Spa, where located at centre heart of Kuala Lumpur together with another awesome photobooth service from

The main attention of the day was the new product launch, Kinohimitsu J'pan Bio-Booster which is the market’s first symbiotic-organic product that facilitates nutrient absorption by more than two times. It works by further breaking down semi-digested, enchance your internal body functions and undigested food to enable cells in the body to naturally absorption even better and derive the nourishing substances.

Kinohimitsu J'pan Bio-Booster

Of course! We should throwback to the event of the day. Butterflies truly have fun on that day especially massages session from Villa Manja Spa. Besides that, butterflies were also enjoying slefie and camwhore at photobooth with 123chesse while also testing awesome drink provided by Kinohimitsu.

Massages from Villa Manja Spa
(pic credited to Caroline May)

Playing camwhore at 123cheese photobooth

More to go....

Everyone were happy posing infront of camera :)

Selfie time 
(With Caroline & Illy (The Butterfly Team) | With Tammy 'The Butterfly Mamasan' & Chocky

Chocky, | Frankie & Yuh Jiun

More selfie from my babes :D

Kinohimitsu ft The Butterfly Project

Best seller: Kinohimitsu J'Pan Collagen Beauty Drink

Host of the day: Tammy and Illy

Awesome butterfly inspired performance dance 


Again thanks to The Butterfly Project and Kinohimitsu for the awesome invites. Totally had fun during the day. :D

For more news, please do visit:
Kinohimitsu Beauty Drink:
The Butterfly Project:
Villa Manja Spa:
123 Cheese Photobooth:

Chao everyone. Love yea.


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Friday, January 3, 2014

2014 Resolution to Goal

New year of course should has new resolution to goal so that my life at least has a direction and passion to pass thru and marks down all momento. It is important that when we make a resolution, or establish a goal, that we take the ACTION necessary to accomplish that goal.

I am so happy that 2013 resolutions has all been GOAL(ED)!! I am surprising when recap back and I hope this year would be the same.  Life is just repeated attempts at trying to do better. \(^o^)/~

My resolution of the year :

1. Body weight: 50kg
The most want and hardest task in my life. I never thought this goal could happen on me but miracle happened when I lost weight from 64kg to 56kg. My never ever resolution has finally broke last year. A million thanks to Mediviron UOA Clinic for helps (Read here if you want to know how I'd lost weight). Therefore, continuing my strive, I hope my weight reach to 50kg (my ideal weight).

Solution: No more SNACKS, More Exercise, Balance Diet

2. Find a Boyfriend
LOL!! I think you must be laughing right now.... Yup!! It's true. I think should find a guy to 'paktor' (dating) liao. I never has a mood to dating since last two years because I'm enjoyed single life so much. Perhaps sometimes was my hormone problem, I felt quite lonely whenever sawing couples holding each others hand poking the sweet aroma. They're SHOWING OFF you know!!! Lol I think is time to find my Mr.Right instead of being forever alone again this year.

Solution: Discharge security guards and then accept the right key to open my heart's door

3. Studio Light
I wish to own a professional studio lighting because a good picture is start from a good lighting, therefore lighting is extremely important and it can changes the whole feeling and environment to a picture. Tell you the truth, I already have flash, flash ring light and triple ring light as my lighting assistant. If I have a set of professional studio lighting, I think I have no more request for a good picture after.

Solution: After Chinese New Year, close my eyes and throw an amount of money then bring it back home / Finding a sponsorship

4. Attended Makeup and Nail Course
My hobbies are never out from beauty range. I am a beauty addiction especially on cosmetic and nails. Actually I wanted to registered myself when I was 17 years old but due I have to attend PLKN (National Service Training) during that time, my plan been dragged. After finished training, times won't allow me make it again because my new school life has started. Time flies like an arrow~ Since I graduated last year, so this year I want explore more about this.

Solution: Registered myself to course

5. Improve Grammar
I don't have ornate language and I know my grammars using are childish. I also know that I have tons of grammar mistake. But well well well.... my readers are so damn smart will know the messages I want to deliver (maybe not actually). They're may just skip it anyway, LOL. I know I have bad grammar, so I will try to improve as much as I can.

Solution: Read more comic novels

6. Come Come Money oh Money $$
Money = the important element in my life. Money is everything!! Hope this year, money would good to me. :D

Solution: Freelance job, Blogging, Stocking and a real JOB

7. My Blogskin Design around blogosphere
Wuhoo!! My favorite part!! Customize a blogskin is most fun thing ever in my life. I will open blog design service within this month so to people who interested to hired service, please find 'Blog Design' button at above for reservations. :D

Solution: Open blog design service to public

Looking forward for my wishes come true! A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work. There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure. Let's work out together to create a better life.

Love yea


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