Tuesday, December 24, 2013

S.O.X Fixie Flashmob

Howdy guys!! Yo yo whatsup! lol~~ 
Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday everyone~

Last Sunday I was lucky to join the team youngster, School of X a.k.a SOX to made the flash mob happen with few bloggers and the influencers at Paradigm Mall. Although my age was disqualified but my heart still forever young okay?! Hahaha

In case you are wondering, What is SOX (School of X)?
S.O.X. is an exclusive prepaid plan for the youths aged 12-17 years old with special cool benefits which are more affordable and low comparing with normal plan such as low rates for calls, SMSes and so much more!!

Guess what! It’s Time to S.O.X. because classes are finally over!
SOX was running a campaign called, "Win A Fixie Every Day" exclusive to SOX member's!! You can stand a chance to win a fixie bike by only hits RM1 during the day!! Yes!! Is that easy!!

Promotion Period: 9 December 2013 - 31 December 2013

Talking about flashmob, bloggers and twitter's influencers together with Xpax team are gathered together at D'Itaianes, Paradigm Mall to marked down SOX Fixie Flashmob at there. I was impressed by the twitter;s influencers because their followers are totally shocking me in real!! I thought my twitter's followers was impressive but in front of them, I was just a little bean!! Oh my!! But they're super friendly in real person. :)

With bloggers

With twitter's influencers, although we know each other but we are crazy together.
Hipster WowPow!!

Even emcee of the day was cray cray and energetic!! 

SOX Fixie Team
They are ready to show off their skill during flashmob

Bloggers and the influencers are crazy tweeting and instagraming on that day. Because of the effort we made #SOXFixie wa into twitter's trend of the day, wuhoo!! After chilling for awhile, the flashmob was start!! We are happy because we successfully pull the attention from people to watch the flashmob while twitter was so hot talking about this too!! #youngpowerareawesome

Awesome flashmob with SOX Team

We are champion :D

Another highlight during the day, bloggers and the influencers got opportunity to won one fixie bike back!! We played game, "Musical Bike". Everyone was having fun playing with this game including us!! :D

Their sight couldn't leave the bike!!

They made themself to the final round!! Woot!! Woot!!

Congratulation dude!! *jealous

You can also win one FIXIE BIKE back!!

Let's me recap back!!

1. Become an user of S.O.X. plan. 
2. Spend RM1 during the day (Applicable for call, sms, mms, data, etc)
3. You're done! You'll automatically be in the running to ride away your own Fixie bike. 
*Plus you get to enjoy FREE Calls, SMS or MMS with S.O.X.!

Promotion Period: 9 December 2013 - 31 December 2013

Would like to end this post with my selfies & friends. I totally having blast with them!! 
*thumb up

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