Sunday, December 29, 2013

3D Mural Artsphere @ The Atmosphere

Hello peeps~

Nowadays, people who willing to travel around just to see more murals art around the world to capture photos of themselves and leave a creative momento at there. Murals art always have the magic of attracting people to stop by and snap a photo. Izzit a curse? Indeed!!

Right now!! Malaysia is finally has a official place where was at ' The Atmosphere', Seri Kembangan. 'The Atmosphere' has invited 20 talent artists to help to made 80 mural artworks to brings their place become to alive full with creativity and inspiration, with theme called 'Artsphere 20/8ty'.

talented local artists who did the mural arts

Write/talk no more. Follow me (continue to scroll down) to looks at their amazing mural arts at there. Frankly speaking, I am having fun on that day but I couldn't finished snapping all my murals arts because the quantity is HUGE!! Yup!! Imagine you stop at one mural arts for few minutes there and then keep on posing and snapping non-stop... You will totally forget that the time is was running actually.

Do not mistake which is the real door yea

Phone stand

Clown playing beside phone stand

Fantasy high-tea session with my babe, Audrey

Train station

Waiting alone at train station

Is Snake Game time

Left: "It's fire!! Cooling down now"
Right: The Lil.Girl

Left: Piona Musical
Right: Fantasy World behind Door

Evil hand with strings

"Oh! You wanna show me your wonderland?"

Floating mermaid

Balloons imagination of wonderland

The white city

"Hold on! I am not ready yet! No!!!!!........."

Okay! I think you should definitely visit this place if you have chance because 'The Atmosphere' is full of joy and inspiration.


Join "STRIKE A POSE" Facebook Photo Contest 
(RM15,000 prizes are waiting you to grab away!!)

1. Visit 'The Atmosphere' & snap the most creative way of photo picture
2. Snap your picture in most creative way
3. Viola!! You're one of the list to win away awesome prizes :D

Two categories: Most Liked Photo | Most Creative Photo

Fabulous prizes with a total worth of RM15,000 are up for grabs.
For more information, please to visit to   |

The Atmosphere
(Behind Giant Seri Kembangan)
1-3, Jalan Prima Tropika Barat 2,
Taman Prima Tropika,
43300 Seri Kembangan,

Tel. 603-8942 3663
Fax. 603-8942 6336

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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Story with Akiyo Jewelry


How was your Christmas Eve? Good? I'm pretty much enjoyed my Christmas Eve with my beloved and I hope you guys the same too. \(^o^)/~

I am blessed with this year Christmas because I got so many Christmas gifts. One of favorite Christmas gift I got was from Akiyo Jewelry, is a lady bracelet! Yay!! I have new bracelet to wear for this Christmas. Special thanks to The Butterfly Project and Akiyo Jewelry for the exclusive invites. #AppreacitedWithLove

Wondering if you guys have follow my instagram (do follow if you're not, lol @thechency), but I have showed off my Akiyo Story picked at there. I have received many compliments from the photo. Thanks everyone! o(∩3∩)o

Anyway, do you believe that every jewelry has a special story?

I do! Logically I picked jewelry that always has something related story that chain with my life, likes my favorite colors, pattern, memories and much more. I do believe you're same like me.

Talking about Akiyo Jewelry, which means "Bright, Clear, Sparkle", is a brand that exerts enthusiasm and dedication towarding providing the inspired from the combination of Japanese & European unique esthethic interest. Akiyo believes jewelry can bring everyone a unique and meaningful jewelry that celebrating every special moment of your life.

Akiyo's collection consists of bracelets, anklets, and necklaces that you can string beads onto to create a personalized story and or commemorate a special occasion in one’s life. 

I would like to share with you guys Akiyo's Christmas Collection. It's perfect for Christmas gift, birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, and significant moments in time. Gentlemen, you know what to do? LOL

AKIYO Exclusive Swarovski Romance Love Lavender & White Pearl Bracelet - LILAC

Snow white Akiyo's Genuine AAA Fresh Water

AKIYO Black Lack Onyx Gemstones Charm Bracelet Set

AKIYO Red Gemstones Charm Bracelet Set

AKIYO Exclusive Swarovski Romance Love White Pearl Bracelet (NEW) - LILAC
AKIYO Exclusive Swarovski Romance Love White Pearl Bracelet (NEW) - WHITE

AKIYO Exclusive Swarovski Romance Love Lavender Pearl Bracelet (NEW) - WHITE

AKIYO Exclusive Swarovski Romance Love Lavender Pearl Bracelet (NEW) - PINK

Akiyo Teddy Bear

Akiyo Pendants

Above is Akiyo's Christmas Collection. Other than that, Akiyo has many varieties of pendants, necklace, bracelet and anklets to choose from. Price range is from RM89 to RM239 depending on design. 

Again, thanks to Akiyo for Christmas gift. Akiyo has given us their Signature Chain Bracelet with three designs of charm to choose from, Akiyo Eiffel Tower Charm, Akiyo Snow Flake Charm or Akiyo Pink Gift Box Charm. 

Which is your pick for your Christmas? 
And guess which is my pick? (Answer already given :p)

Akiyo Charms Club

Yes! I choose Akiyo Pink Gift Box Charm for my lovely Christmas.

Ding dong ding dong ★★ Come hear my story, hehehe~ Actually I prefered Akiyo Eiffel Tower Charm instead of Akiyo Pink Gift Box Charm, not because Eiffel Tower was finished pick by other bloggers (although this charm is a hot selection) but my personal story was more in this design.

Me, Chency, the owner of this bloggie, is a cheerful, ego and kind Leo girl. Because of my ego, I always help to cover my friends' weakness instead covering mine. Because of my cheerful, I became a good listener and adviser whenever my friends has unsolved problem. Because of my kind, I'm a good helper whenever my friends on a difficult situation although wanna me be the bad side. I do not care people take advantages from me because I wish they are happy. I am proud being myself instead of wearing a mask in front of everyone especially to people who can gain benefits from. 

I am like a gift. People are happy when receive while also shilly-shally about the truth inside the box. The most important, people do always put a big expectation on it. Therefore, I (gift) have a big tension because I can't get all people like the mystery side of me. Whenever I am not in the chain of their expectation, I always will be placed in a 'cold place', only been recall when they need me. Of course, I am happy with people who care and love me too. I am blessed that most of my receiver loves me more. I am a pretty and lovely but kinda mystery gift. Thank you for accepting me. Wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year ♥♥

I know you're yawning now but fred not! This is what I was thinking when choosing my charm. Don't looks like I always cray cray but I'm quite sensitive nia... only self-esteem helps me to cover it. :D

Top: Pearl Black Top
Skirt: Pearl Blue A-Style Skirt
Shows: Red Wine Leather Wingtips

Ho Ho Ho~ Lets back to Akiyo Story! Akiyo Jewelry can be mix and match perfectly. You can mix with your favorite charms pair with necklace, bracelet or anklet no matter stainless or pearl elements. The price is really affordable with good quality. I have my story with Akiyo, how about you?  

You definitely should pay a visit to Akiyo at

Retail Shops:
1) No. 24M (1st Floor), Jln SS21/39, Damansara Uptown PJ
2) 3rd Flr, Fahrenheit 88 Parkamaya, Bukit Bintang

Official Website:

The Blessings of Peace
The Beauty of Hope
The Spirit of Love
The Comfort of Faith
May these be your gifts this Christmas Season.



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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

S.O.X Fixie Flashmob

Howdy guys!! Yo yo whatsup! lol~~ 
Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday everyone~

Last Sunday I was lucky to join the team youngster, School of X a.k.a SOX to made the flash mob happen with few bloggers and the influencers at Paradigm Mall. Although my age was disqualified but my heart still forever young okay?! Hahaha

In case you are wondering, What is SOX (School of X)?
S.O.X. is an exclusive prepaid plan for the youths aged 12-17 years old with special cool benefits which are more affordable and low comparing with normal plan such as low rates for calls, SMSes and so much more!!

Guess what! It’s Time to S.O.X. because classes are finally over!
SOX was running a campaign called, "Win A Fixie Every Day" exclusive to SOX member's!! You can stand a chance to win a fixie bike by only hits RM1 during the day!! Yes!! Is that easy!!

Promotion Period: 9 December 2013 - 31 December 2013

Talking about flashmob, bloggers and twitter's influencers together with Xpax team are gathered together at D'Itaianes, Paradigm Mall to marked down SOX Fixie Flashmob at there. I was impressed by the twitter;s influencers because their followers are totally shocking me in real!! I thought my twitter's followers was impressive but in front of them, I was just a little bean!! Oh my!! But they're super friendly in real person. :)

With bloggers

With twitter's influencers, although we know each other but we are crazy together.
Hipster WowPow!!

Even emcee of the day was cray cray and energetic!! 

SOX Fixie Team
They are ready to show off their skill during flashmob

Bloggers and the influencers are crazy tweeting and instagraming on that day. Because of the effort we made #SOXFixie wa into twitter's trend of the day, wuhoo!! After chilling for awhile, the flashmob was start!! We are happy because we successfully pull the attention from people to watch the flashmob while twitter was so hot talking about this too!! #youngpowerareawesome

Awesome flashmob with SOX Team

We are champion :D

Another highlight during the day, bloggers and the influencers got opportunity to won one fixie bike back!! We played game, "Musical Bike". Everyone was having fun playing with this game including us!! :D

Their sight couldn't leave the bike!!

They made themself to the final round!! Woot!! Woot!!

Congratulation dude!! *jealous

You can also win one FIXIE BIKE back!!

Let's me recap back!!

1. Become an user of S.O.X. plan. 
2. Spend RM1 during the day (Applicable for call, sms, mms, data, etc)
3. You're done! You'll automatically be in the running to ride away your own Fixie bike. 
*Plus you get to enjoy FREE Calls, SMS or MMS with S.O.X.!

Promotion Period: 9 December 2013 - 31 December 2013

Would like to end this post with my selfies & friends. I totally having blast with them!! 
*thumb up

For more information, please visit to: 


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