Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Wonjin Aesthetics Center is now in Malaysia!!

Wonjin Aesthetics Center

Wonjin Aesthetics Center is well-known No.1 Plastic Surgery Clinic based in South Korea. They have grown to become the largest domestic beauty medical group, and strive to be a one stop solution for all your beauty/cosmetic needs.

And now....
Wonjin Aesthetics Center (WAC) is finally official opens in Malaysia

WONJIN Aesthetics Centre Sdn Bhd
B1-8, Plaza Damas 3,
No.63, Jalan Sri Hartamas 1,
Taman Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur.
Hp: +603 6201 5796.
Email: beauty@wonjinaesthetics.com

Dr. Park Wonjin (center) with the founders of Wonjin Aesthetics Center

Dr. Park Wonjin, the famous plastic surgeon who done numerous transformation of celebrities 

Services offered in Malaysia and South Korea

In Malaysia
- Registration and information collecting from both consultation and travelling aspect
- Arrangement of consultation appointments with Korea Consultants and Doctors in South Korea.
- Flight and accommodation booking to and from KL to Seoul
- Arrange appointments for Surgery and follow up visits when required.

In South Korea
- Airport Transfers
- WBMG Guide (local WAC staff follows clients to South Korea to be the liaison between them and WBMG)
- Shopping Excursions (before or after surgery)
- Tour Excursions to the Sights and Sounds of South Korea
- Advisory on other related traveling or accommodation within South Korea

So now, you can have consultation to enhance your beauty with WAC in Malaysia without specially fly to Korea just for consultation especially if you're still in dilemma. WAC Malaysia helps to send your information to South Korea for best consultation and advise then only fly to South Korea for final decision without wasting time.

Wonjin Aesthetics Center offers various treatments from head to toe:

Double eyelids, Eye bag removal, Inner and outer corner eye extensions, Rhinoplasty , Nose tip correction, Nostrils Reduction, Facial Contouring, Fat Grafting

Laser Skin Treatments
Whitening, Scar Removal, Pigmentation Removal, Belody laser for slimming, Lifting

Breast Enlargement, Liposuction, Fat Injections to Breasts, Breast Reduction for Men, Hip Augmentation, Tummy tuck

Hair Growth
correct balding issues with hair grafting

Anti-Aging Treatments
PRP, Stem cells

Surgery is not a shame~ A good friend/lover won't judge you only thru to outer beauty. People deserves to have a better look, for better appearance, confidence and business. No doubt! A good looking has more advantages than others. Don't tell me you don't like to look at handsome guy or pretty girl. Yes! Humans are realistic, since some of them wish to have better appearance (at least I am), please do not judge them by criticize them like you know them very well (in fact only saw picture on internet), just do keep silent, of course you can not supporting but not going to criticize. Manner still manners~

If you asking me, did I get interesting with plastic surgery?
My answer is definitely YES. I am interested. Since I am interested, a trustworthy surgery clinic is the most important because I am going to put my effort to them. I am glad Wonjin Aesthetics Center has move their steps to Malaysia. Yay! Saving an amount of money and time by only consulting in Malaysia and then only flying to Korea for final.

Part of celebrities who visit Wonjin Aesthetics Center. 

For more information, please visit

or walk-in to
WONJIN Aesthetics Centre Sdn Bhd 
B1-8, Plaza Damas 3, 
No.63, Jalan Sri Hartamas 1, 
Taman Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur 


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