Tuesday, November 19, 2013

November #2013 Favorites

November comes,
And November goes,
With the last red berries,
And the first white snows.

Hello everyone ♥♥♥~

As promised (link), I'm here to write about my November Favorites.

Talking about November, Fall almost over while the joy of winter is ready because next month is the precious month of joyful red Christmas. And YES!! Is all about sales, presents, foods and the ending of the year.

Just a sudden remind of myself when I writing this.... realized how time flies like a speed of light~ Feeling like doing nothing especially after when I'm graduated. I bet most of you will #fliptable.jpg if I tell you I did spent my time by laying on my bed, in front of my laptop, reading comics, shopping, attend events and baking. Yup!! This is my life for about 3 months?  till now and counting....

Most of my friends start their new life, some of them going for future study, some of the working, some of them start chasing their dream, and some of them even disappear. I bet only me the one who official hold the tag #TheHomieWorm aka Fujyosi (Boys’ Love comic fangirl). Sumore this November, I reduce many invitations to event just because feeling like not going out, but this week I am going to attend some events that I really keen for.... *waving to me if you see me this next few days at event. :)
By the way, I start to learn baking this November. Was so much fun to play with!!! Hehehehehe ((∩u∩))

Since I spent most of my time at home, so I just have a few of beauty related items to share with. So I decide tag this post as #lifestyle instead of #beauty. :)

So, here's are my November Favorites:

1. Gem with Diamond ring
Recently, many friends asking me if this is an engagement ring that my boyfie gave me. I hope so but sad enough, I don't even have a boyfriend to date with. Some of my friends told me that I am poisoned with comic guys, lol~ Anyway, this diamond ring is my parents gave me as graduation present because this weekend is my graduation convocation. The reason why I don't want put a picture on my blog because this ring is the super duper expensive (unless for me!) about 7 digits just for that tiny round thingy which I don't think is worth but since is a gift, so why not?! I rather they buy me a Céline bag. But anyway, thanks mummy and daddy for the special design just for me. Love you~ ♥♥

2. Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-QX10
A brand new technology involved, Sony has officially launches two new camera lenses for the smartphones, DSC-QX10 and DSC-QX100. What on my hand is DSC-QX10. Both are lens-style camera that work with any Android and iOS smartphones with Sony's app call 'PlayMemories Mobile' (but Sony is on the way developing an app just for QX series for better future and enhancement) to provide high-end compact camera quality images thru wifi without the need to carry the full camera. This camera is small, thin and cute but I still haven't have a great chance to play more about the features with this camera. But so far, I am so love with this camera.

By the way, recently Sony has secretly launched two more lens-style cameras and I really can't wait all of these cameras (QX series) arrive to my home. Full detail reviews about DSC-QX10('s) post will be out soonest and I will announce it in my insta once Sony DSC-QX100 and two news lens-style cameras have arrive. :)

3. b.liv's Fabulous Four pack
Recently addiction, b.live's Fabulous Four pack that contains 6 items in one which has
1 x Hyaluronic Original Serum (10ml), 
2 x Off with Those Heads Blackheads Sebum Gel (30ml & 15ml), 
1 x Surbmerge me Moisturizing Booster (3ml), 
2 x Immerse me Utmost Moisture Original Japan Silk Mask. 

I am love love love this because one of my biggest problem ever, blackheads!! that now has an easy solution. I love b.liv Blackheads Sebum Gel because it not a treatment. Frankly speaking, I hate spending time on face and hair treatments. This sebum gel is a skincare product. You can direct apply like skincare product without rinse off. So convenient and effectively. By the way, a post about this product will be out soonest.

4. EyeSwear Eyelash S05 Versailles
If you read my previous post (link), I have mentioned that this model is my current addiction. Again, I love the softness, comfortable level, easy to handle and not easily losing the shape. This lashes really blends well into my real lashes and helps my eyes appear bigger and innocent, and the most important.... not too dramatic. :)

5. Lancome Liner Design Longwear Gel Eyeliner in Black Fishnets
One day, my #current use of Dollywink Liquid Eyeliner played 'Hide and Seek' with me. Then I am frustrated searching it, so I go make friend with Lancome gel eyeliner. But after three days, the Dollywink Liquid Eyeliner was back to her place again. =.=

Since this is Michelle Phan's favorite, so I don't need to say too much because this is a good eyeliner. The pigment, anti-smudging, long-lasting, and water-proof are so awesome.

So, this is my November's favorite items. What is your favorites item this month? :D

Till then.....


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