Thursday, November 7, 2013

Lose 8kg with HCG Program

Finally I have time to update about my diet! Phew~ Time flies and my HCG Program aka Slimming Injection sponsored by Mediviron UOA Clinic was perfectly end.
Read my previous diet journeys, Post 1 & Post 2.

Sorry in advanced for late updated about my diet. I know quite many of you curious how was the result or progress of this HCG Program.

Talks about my progression

I supposed done my HCG Program from Mediviron UOA Clinic on end of September 2013. This program actually only took me 23 days to complete. In the middle of the program, I have postponed few of consultations with my doctor in charge, Dr.Lashela due to my busy schedule and menstrual cycle (because HCG Program can't be taken during this moment) so I completed my HCG Program on early of October 2013.

After completed all my jabs, Dr.Lashela has gave me the final injection called 'booster'. The booster was quite a big jab, I don't know about you but I just feel slightly pain when poking and barely feel nothing after injection (because this suppose have slightly painful after taking this injection).

So what is this injection for?
The function of this injection also likes the 23 jabs but this is the finalize booster to helps me to continue lose weight without continuous inject everyday and bouncing back, of coz!! It's depends on the meal taken. After taking this injection, I still have to follow my diet plan for the last three weeks but this time salt food is allow but no sugar and carbo intake (very less). Yay! Means I can eat Mc Donald's already!! Still NO to the soft drink, lol.

After that, I can eat whatever I want!! So in conclusion, I didn't follow my diet plan now anymore and of coz! I still try to control my appetite as much as I can.


About my result (from start till now 07/11/2013)

Writing too much just such a waste of time of you reading because I do believe my pictures help me to speech my words out. The only thing I would like to clarify is 'pictures' are 200% NEVER under digital-slimming, only filter of effects.

Bla no more... here's mine result from the start I accepted HCG Program until today (07/11/2013).
My last visit to Mediviron UOA Clinic was 58kg. Today, as usual I jump to my non-digital scale measurement and my current weight is 56kg. YES!! My weight still going down now. Wuhoo!!

The most important is ........... from OVERWEIGHT to HEALTHY WEIGHT!!

My entire bottom clothes have definitely needs to re-purchase especially pants because they have size. Previously my sizes of pants are size L to XL/ size 8 to 10/ waist size around 29 to 30 inches (if the cutting is small). So far, I did not buy any pants or jeans because I still aim to lose some weight if possible but I have went to try clothes when shopping to give myself an updated. Currently my sizes of pants are M to L/ size 6 to 8/ waist size around 28 to 29 inches (if the cutting is small).

Here's my prove:

I have to wear belt now (from fifth hole to the last hole) and pin up some of my skirts because they're loosen and I am so uncomfortable walking around.

My high waist jeans become low waist jeans already 

Overall, of course I am happy with the result. From overweight to healthy weight was such a big achievement for me. I know this is almost impossible for me if self-diet but with HCG Program, my 2013 year's achievement list has one more unlocked!! Yay!! Even now my HCG Program has end but I still have to take attention with my meal intake because I don't hope myself back to my previous. I want be slimmer and more healthy to be a better me.

Here's mine comparison of myself :
the Early of year of me VS the End of year of me
*All those pictures are not under digital-slimming*

My favorite picture during HCG Program. 
Although I still have no 'phee whee' body shape but I am proud of myself enough 
because unless wearing bikini was not a shame of me that makes people vomit. 囧

I know you guys actually have tons of questions to ask me about this HCG Program. So, let's me list out the most popular question I have been asked during the program.

Q&A Section

1. What is HCG Program?
Generally, HCG Program is an injection that helps to naturally suppresses appetite and helps body burn fat thru hormone with a guarantee result by inject one jab per day for 23 days.
*Refer back to my (POST 1

2. You called HCG Program as slimming injection. I am confused?! What is this about?
Well~ Refer my answer above↑
Means I need to inject one jab on every woke up morning for 23 days (because 23 days is the day of this treatment progress so don't ask me why 23 days tho). This treatment helps me to minimize my appetite as much as possible so my intake food level wills definitely lesser then normal person did. Conclusion, the lesser food I makan (eat), the slimmer I will be~~

3. You said this treatment is to controlling appetite. So, do self-diet can get the same result as yours even without taking this HCG Program?
“Continuous effort - not strength or intelligence - is the key to unlocking our potential.” 
Yes! Definitely yes! My dear~ Nothing is impossible but most of us have the big problems ever, "Perseverance & Time". No doubt! I am not one of a kind, Im'ma definitely the person who willing surrenders if foods come to attack me. This is the reason why I accepted HCG Program from Mediviron UOA Clinic.

4. What is the do and don't during HCG Program?
Less carbohydrate, less sugar, less salt & more vegetables (preferable green) and appropriate fruits intake (because fruits contain sugar level). Will be given a diet plan to refer during the program. Follow the diet plan suggestion given and DO NOT breaks the rule.
*Refer back to my (POST 1

5. What is your meal intake during HCG Program?
Breakfast: Normally skip this because I woke up at least 12am if I have nothing to do in the morning.
Lunch: Grill chicken breast steak / Raw Sashimi
Snack: Nestle Fitnesse Cereal
Dinner: Grill Chicken Breast Steak / sometime breaking the rule eat full set of mummy cooking meal or eating at outside (that why my doctor always headache with me, hahaahaha)
*very less vegetables and fruits intake because I am not a fans of them. 
*Refer back to my (POST 2

6. Does your boobs become smaller?
Erm.... for me is no because I don't felt any different to my boobs size. My bra still fits perfectly, no loose or tight.

7. Any side effect about HCG Program?
Let's me think.... Basically no... I didn't feel tired or unwell during this treatment happening. My menstrual was still punctual but before a week before my nipple is really hard. Other than that, I'm barely feeling nothing.

8. May I know the price of HCG Program?
Mediviron UOA Clinic offers two packages;
23 days program - 5 to 7kg weight loss
40 days program - 10 to 15kg weight loss
*approximate start from RM2000 & above (not sure!)

9. Do I have to exercise while on the HCG Program?
No. (Yay!) Exercise is not mandatory part of the program. While vigorous exercise may increase the amount of weight you lose while on this plan, it is not significant increase, because on a 500 calories diet you can easily become too exhausted. That leads to discouragement and frustration.

10. I still have quite lots of question to ask....
Cukup lar~~ Go ask yourself!! Feel free to visits Mediviron UOA Clinic if you have question to ask. They are much more professional than me. Trust me they won't bite. If they're really bite, tell me, I go bite them back, lol. (≧v≦)

Eyes don't lie,
Mouth doesn't bite,
Words aren't hurt!

Friends are my proved,
Mirror is my advisor,
Weighing Scale is my motivation,
Foods are my enemies!

A closer step to my dream....
.... to be a better me, Chency.

Without the support of my family and friends, I can't reach this step.
But without Mediviron UOA Clinic, steps to my dream are definitely longer and harder to archive.
 A million thank you that I could only say to them.
Thank you so much!!

Okay, I should stop trying to being like sensibility and deep-knowledgeable woman girl.

By the way, check out Mediviron UOA Clinic's online Medias for more

Lastly, a picture of my #OOTD
Top: Zipper Jersey Tee
Pants: Gradient Denim Shorts
Bag: Red Leather Ipad Backpack
Shoes: White Leather Zomg Platform Sneaker

Till then...



  1. I want your 'phee whee' body.. Seriously you look even greater and healthier compare to last time. One of my this year (and also last year) resolution is to lose weight but unfortunately failed to accomplish until now. Ahhh!!!

    1. The HCG causes your hypothalamus to release stored fat to provide energy and nutrients to the body while keeping you full and satisfied.

  2. Haha. I am actually more heavier than you used to be. I envy you >.< congratulations BTW for finally achieving the perfect weight :)

  3. wow.. huge difference! congrats! =)

  4. This is such a great success! Congratulations!

  5. Diet plan/doctor help is useless after a year. Once you start binging, you will never stop. You need to change your way of life only for it to work.

  6. Gosh, so jealous! But congrats on loosing that much weight! I need to start saving money!

  7. OMG chency!!! you berjaya!!! :) good for you :) LOVE you so much!

  8. Do you know any ready-to-eat food that is available in the grocery store which complement with HCG diet?