Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Urgent~ Urgent~ My head needs CPR too!!

Mina-san, ohayao gozaimasu~ ♥♥

Like what my caption said, 'My head need CPR too!!'. 

Perhaps this may makes you confuse but yes I am talking about head now! Nowadays due to chemical damage that we did to our head especially me, like keep on coloring my hair was such a big hurt to my scalp and hair! If you followed my social medias (especially Instagram, @thechency), you would probably know how much I addicted coloring my hair so often.

I should thank to God that I still didn't get bald?! Last time I went to hair professional checkup and surprisingly my hair was considered as healthy; no sensitive, no blockage scalp, no redness, and only abit of oiliness because I didn't washed my hair for two days before. I was like hell yea! totally proud of my scalp for being so stubborn.

But I know if I keep on damaging my scalp, I would cry someday after....

Therefore I would like to introduce you my current hair product's addiction.....
Sara Shantelle No.1 Head CPR a.k.a Oxygen Therapy.

Sara Shentelle No.1 Head CPR (Oxygen Therapy)
No. 1 Selling Product of the Year in JAPAN

What is Sara Shantelle No.1 Head CPR (Oxygen Therapy)?

Generally is a leave-in hair tonic in a spray pump bottle that use after hair wash in semi-dry condition. It contains Wild Ginseng Extracts, RNA, DNA, Amino Acid and Vitamins that deeply cleanses hair follicles and scalp using all natural and organic herbs to prevent blockage and clogged oil. It also contains anti-oxidant vitamins and trace elements which helps balances sebaceous glands.

This bottle contains HBOT (Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy) which is a medical use of oxygen at a level higher than atmospheric pressure. It is highly effective for stressful individuals to relieves headache and migraines with its instant cooling minty sensation.

What so special?

• Relieve stress
• Cooling Sensation
• Blood circulation
• Prevents Hair Loss & Scalp
• Eases Headache & Migraine
• Improves Hair Density
• Stimulates Hair Growth
• Eliminates Dandruff
• Achieves PH Balances

This Head CPR has a wide range of ingredients to help treat hair and scalp issues – dandruff, oil balance, hair loss and scalp allergy. Its cooling sensation effect feels minty, refreshing and one of a kind. It can also help in relieving stress, blood circulation and headache or migraine apart from hair problems.

If you're wondering if this product suits for sensitive scalps?
Yes!! It is suitable for all hair types no matter you have sensitive, itchy, troubled, hair loss, and oily scalps while this product is safe and halal to use too.

The head

How to use?
After washing your hair, leave your hair into semi-dry condition. Then, pump 5 to 10 shots into different parts of your scalp and massage it. Recommended use 2 times per day for individuals with serious hair and scalp problems. Lastly, blows dry your hair.

You will feel cooling minty fresh sensation after pumping because it contains mint extract that helps to reduce itchiness, inflammation and pain. For my experience, I still felt slightly cooling fresh after blow dry my hair. It acts like scalp primer prevent blower's heat damages my scalp.

I pump one shot on each area and gently massage it. 
You might think the head looks hard?! Yes! Is hard! To people who have sensitive scalp has to be careful with the pressure when pumping but is not that hard which makes you feel hurt lar~~  
However, it should be better if the head ingredient changes to soft-hard rubber type of quality instead of hard-ish plastic quality.

To stimulate head blood circulation, with Wild Ginseng extract for scalp cell generation.

Maintains head pH balance and prevents dandruff.

Cooling minty sensation helps to reduce migrain, headaches and stress.

Improves hair density and stimulate hair growth.

Ingredient Highlights:

Hyperbaric Oxygen Theraphy (HBOT)
A medical use of oxygen at a level higher than atmospheric pressure. It is highly effective for stressful individuals to relieves headaches and migraines with its instant cooling minty sensation.

Wild Ginseng Extracts
A natural Chinese herb to stimulate  hair growth. It is an adaptogen that aids the body to adapt stress, which is the cause of hair loss.

Mint Extracts
A natural cooling extract from peppermint that helps to reduce itchiness, inflammation and pain.

Verbana Officinalis
Also known as Vervain, it strengthens the nervous system while relaxing any tension and stress. It is used to ease depression and melancholia.

Also known as Witch Hazel, which is one of the oldest cosmetic ingredient that offers superior action to the skin, in controlling water loss. It is also an anti-oxidant, good astringent that helps to stabilize the barrier function of the skin and scalp, reducing redness.

Rose Extracts
A natural extract that aids skin and hair scalp for a youthful good tone and elasticity.

A natural orange which is known for its antiseptic properties and uplifting scent and effects.

Frankly speaking, I love this product so much. It is a fun product to use and I am enjoying every time when I pumped this on my scalp because it instantly gives me a 'feel-so-good(ish)' refreshing and cooling sensation. It does have a bit of ginseng or herb scent but will not bother my day because it doesn't stains on my hair after using, sumore I can't barely smell it after apply hair serum. I did not use this product everyday, only when I wash my hair every other day. For result, so far so good, I use this product almost a month, honestly I can't determine whether my hair growth process is better than previous or less dandruff or anything else because my personally doesn't face this kind of problem but I do admit that this product helps me to release my stress and makes my eyes less tired after using this.

Other than that, this product is good for headache (definitely gives a big thumb up!). My mummy who has headache problem told me that this product is super good for treating her headache problem. Of coz!! Definitely not that exaggeration result, just only minimize the frequency of headache quantity only lar~ But at least, it makes my mummy feel better day by day.

If you ask me, did this product can helps to stop the problem you have? I could say no!! If a product can amazingly treat the entire problem, then doctor should not exist in this world. Don't treat them like a doctor, they only a nurse who helps to keep you in better condition. All I should say this is a good nurse to your head. Araso?

SGD 79 / 330ml
Formulated in USA . Packaged in Taiwan

Where to buy?
This product only available at selected Clariancy, Sasa, BioBeauty retail outlets (Singapore only) for walk-in purchase, while you can purchase online at http://www.sarashantelle.com, Zalora and Qoo10. 

Guess what?! Is GIVEAWAY TIME!!!

I will be giving away THREE bottles of Sara Shantelle No.1 Head CPR (Oxygen Therapy) to three lucky winners.
All you need is JOIN and ANSWER the question in the box below!!!

Terms & Conditions:
1. Open to International
2. You need to pay for postage fees. *I am too poor if I need to pay for all postage, sorry!!
3. The accounts you have enter must be 'Public', private account will be deemed void.
4. All entries are checked for accuracy and will be validated.
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6. A new winner will be regenerate if you're a winner who did not complete task.
7. Contest starts from today until 16th Nov, 2013 11.59pm.

Good luck lovelies♥♥


  1. hope to win ya =D
    First time join your giveaway!



  2. Name of the ingredients that contain in Sara Shantelle No.1 Head CPR (Oxygen Theraphy)?"

    Hyperbaric Oxygen Theraphy (HBOT)
    Wild Ginseng Extracts
    Mint Extracts
    Verbana Officinalis
    Rose Extracts


  3. The ingredients :
    -- Hyperbaric Oxygen Theraphy (HBOT)
    -- Wild Ginseng Extracts
    -- Mint Extracts
    -- Verbana Officinalis
    -- Hemamelis
    -- Rose Extracts
    -- Bergamot

  4. The ingredients that contain in Sara Shantelle No.1 Head CPR (Oxygen Theraphy) are Hyperbaric Oxygen Theraphy, wild ginseng extracts, mint extracts, Verbana Officinalis, hemamelis, rose extracts and bergamot

  5. Hi Chency! Thanks for the giveaway!

    Here is my answer: Wild Ginseng Extracts, RNA, DNA, Amino Acid, Vitamins, natural and organic herbs, anti-oxidant vitamins and trace elements.

    Have a nice day ahead ;)

    Nicole Yie.

  6. Hi, Chency ! :)
    Here's my answer : Hyperbaric Oxygen Theraphy (HBOT), Wild Ginseng Extracts, Mint Extracts, Verbana Officinalis, Hemamelis, Rose Extracts and Bergamot !

  7. Hi Chency!

    Seems that everybody posted all instead of one. As for mine, Hyperbaric Oxygen Theraphy is one of its main ingredients.

    Thanks! :)

  8. Q : Name one of the ingredients that contain in Sara Shantelle No.1 Head CPR (Oxygen Theraphy)
    A : Hyberbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)

  9. It would be..HYBERBARIC O2 THERAPY HBOT!;)


  10. Name one of the ingredients ey? So my answer is Hyperbaric Oxygen Theraphy (HBOT) ^_^ thanks for hosting this awesome giveaway Chency, hopefully lady luck smiles on me this time!


  11. one of the ingredients that contain in Sara Shantelle No.1 Head CPR (Oxygen Theraphy)is Rose Extracts.

  12. Hello babe:3

    I would choose the answer: Mint Extract!

    Anyway, did you really cut your hair?

  13. Looks like a cool product!Cant wait to get one!

  14. Name one of the ingredients that contain in Sara Shantelle No.1 Head CPR (Oxygen Theraphy)?

    Name one har~ Wild Ginseng Extracts because I like the smell of ginseng. XD

  15. This one looks interesting!!

    And you're so generous on the giveaway!

  16. One of the ingredients that contain in Sara Shantelle No.1 Head CPR (Oxygen Theraphy) is Hyperbaric Oxygen Theraphy (HBOT).

  17. this looks nice
    and i like how your picture quality is
    what camera are you using?

    do feel free to join my OASAP clothes giveaway

  18. Thank you so much for this giveaway! :)

    One of the ingredients is "Wild Ginseng Extracts".

    Hopefully luck is on my side! :D

  19. Naise!! I want to winnnnn~~

    Dropping by from:

  20. 1 ingredient right? hehehe my choice, Wild Ginseng Extracts! Help grow my hair arr becoming botak soon ><