Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Mary Kay One Women Can Finale in Hong Kong (pt.1)

Nei dei hou~ ♥ 
Welcome back to my blog! ♥

If you're follow my instagram
you already knew that I had nice trip to Hong Kong with Mary Kay Malaysia and the winners

No! I am not going as participants but as media & blogger to covers the event.
All thanks to Mary Kay Malaysia for the opportunity to lets me open my wide eyes, lol. O(∩_∩)O

This was my very first time travelling all alone although with Mary Kay Malaysia and winners but would you believe if I tell you that I never met them before until the last few minutes before check-in to flight?! No doubt! No even one of them even with Mary Kay because I deal them thru email. 

Yes!! It may sounds ridiculous and crazy but I am excited to meet them in real. 

Sorry for the pictures turns out abit blur but this is the best shot for them.
The four gorgeous woman who representing Malaysia to Mary Kay One Women Can Finale at Hong Kong with their consultants. Again congratulations girls and I am so honor to meet you all. 

Psst: I am the mamasan of Sheila and Stephanie while Yuyu Zulaikha is the mamasan of Yusrina and Shahira. Sounds blur? Means I will stick with them during the trip.

With another blogger, Yuyu Zulaikha from http://kupukupukecik.blogspot.com 
. I bet most of you know who she is, I never expected she is really tiny in real life and she gonna marry soon. Congratz in advanced, babe ~♥ O(∩_∩)O

Hello Hello Hong Kong! \(^o^)/~

Warmly welcomed by Mary Kay. Thanks with appreciated ♥♥

After that, we moved to luxury boutique hotel, Lanson Place Hotel for check in and dropped our luggage. Then bloggers and contestant went for manicure session while consultants (make-up artist) went to explore new make-up skill with Gary Chung, famous make-up artist. 

Where am I stayed? Taadaa~~~
A Luxury Boutique Hotel, Lanson Place at Causeway Bay.

With medias and bloggers. :)

While waiting for check-in, explore the lobby and shot a picture. Hehehe~~

Many thanks to Mary Kay! 
This is my very first time stayed at president deluxe suite room alone in my entire life!! 
Live at the top of the hotel and enjoyed special services.

Try imagining me rolling around in this big space!! 
By the way, also thanks for generous welcome gifts from Mary Kay and Lanson Place Hotel.   

Welcome gifts from Mary Kay. 
Thanks for everything especially the card I received everyday. *touched

President Deluxe Suite Room:
Living area: Corridor, Kitchen, Dining area & Living Room

Room area: King size of bed, Make-up area & Private closet

Bathroom area with television and bathtub with spa

My view from my room. 

After check-in, our next destination is pampering!! Wee~~ 
Nails are getting pampered as well. 
Contestants are arranged to paint their nails in nude color for upcoming photo-shooting session. 
Me & yuyu are getting pampered as well.

Me & Yuyu with contestants, (from left) Stephanie, Sheila, Shahira & Yusrina.

It was the Welcome Dinner to gathers everyone (the judges, medias, bloggers, contestants, consultants and Mary Kay staffs) from many countries, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippine, Taiwan, Korea, Hong Kong, and Australia in a place.

Outfit of the day: Black leather shirt, Gold leather skirt, Nude heels, Black clutch & Gold accessories.
(Theme of the day: Black & Gold)

Contestants and consultants from Malaysia. :)

With medias and handsome angmo, Mr Dave Grant (Mary Kay's VP Sales Department & Education, Asia Pacific Region). We have a great chit chat that night and thanks for sharing us the story behind Mary Kay. :)

Food of the day. All are yummylicious. 

Selfie of the day :p
I love how my hair turns to violet color due to the lighting. 

With famous judges of the day:
Dominic Lau - the host
Christie Simpson - the stylist
Sean Lee Davies - the photographer

Such an honor to knew and chatted with them especially with Christie because 
she just sits beside me on that day. We even become friends now. :)  

Group shots of contestant with their consultant. 
Their relationships are more over than normal customer-consultant. They told me that their relationships are more like real sister because they helped each other along the way. 
How beautiful are their bonding. They really inspired me.  

Pica time again!!

My day 1 journey in Hong Kong with Mary Kay was perfectly end. 
I am having so much fun there and kinda missing the moment while I writing this post.
Hope we can gather again in future. :)

Lastly, my pictures have to give credited to my new baby, 
Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-HX50V.

Pictures are all taken by Sony HX50V except for selfie.

Again! Stay tuned to my upcoming post about my days in Hong Kong with Mary Kay.
Still currently editing the photos because hot chicks are overload. Haha

Okay, I end my post here.
Bye bye~~ ♥



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