Friday, October 4, 2013

High-tea with Ms.Rosy, L'Oréal Paris

Girls Being Girls. 
First must: Selca level!  ╮(≧▽≦)╭

Bonjour Mon Beautés ♥♥~

Recap back my previous post that I've introduced to you about my new girlfriend, Ms.Rosy with her beauty secret of rosiness glow skin which also the new skincare range, L'Oréal Paris White Perfect Skincare Range.
Click (here) to read if you're keen.

Well, I knew Ms.Rosy thru by invitation from The Butterfly Project to the High-Tea Session with L'Oreal Paris Malaysia at Angelic Tea & Scone House, Plaza Damas. Again, thanks The Butterfly Project for the exclusive invited. :D

The aim of the event was to introduced Ms.Rosy with her secret new skincare range from L'Oréal Paris Malaysia to bloggers while also a pampering session too because there's have many activities waiting for us to play with, such as romantic camwhoring place, crafting corner, portrait illustration corner, hair & makeup station, nail station and nom nom time! I definitely enjoyed on that day with other bloggers too. :)

L'Oréal knows girls very well. They decorated the place so florist and romantic with props sumore to match the theme. Although I am not fans of pink but I am in love with pink roses at that day. O(∩_∩)O

Chubby bunny with 'yay' pose. 
By the way, this is my outfit of the day #OOTD:
Theme: Elegance gold
What I wore: White with blinky gold collar, Gold leather dress, Nude high-heels

Camwhore first while waiting the event start. 
Nice and romantic environment at Angelic Tea & Scone House on that day ♥♥

With Caroline Ng

With Edazz 

A mini station that let's us to explore our imagination. Roses are surrounding everywhere while bloggers are DIY our very own headband. ♥♥

Pink roses ♥♥

Me spotted other bloggers make their headband while finding the right material for my headband too.

Bloggers are so happy playing DIY nia... ♥♥

And this is the headband I made that day. Nothing special! 
Just a normal roses crown because I want it, lol.

My favorite station of the day. L'Oréal Paris has invited illustrator, Mr.DWen to draw portrait illustration to all of us. Yay!! Thanks!! Because I always want to have one. :D

Mr.DWen, the illustrator. You can find him at Bukit Bintang area.

He looking at my special figure to draw out my very own illustration.

Taadaa!! This is my portrait illustration. Straight thick eyebrow, big eye (he said one, lol), small lips, chubby cheek. He said me like a anime chibi. Lol, thanks Mr.DWen for compliments ♥♥

Other than that,  L'Oréal also prepared hair and make up station for us to try their hair and make up products. 

Part of make up collection of  L'Oréal's products.

Blogger level: Camwhoring non-stop at the event. Selca is important. Haha

Caroline was make-up by  L'Oréal Make-up Artist.

Bendan & Nadia was enjoyed hair makeover session.

Last but not least, nails also have to get pampered. Thanks L'Oréal bringing back nail lacquers all the way from Paris for us to try out. We're such a lucky girl on that day. ♥♥

Bloggers playing with nails

Basic nail lacquers collection

Psst: This is not my hand. But the red color is nice. :D

Oh nom nom nom~ Finally is makan time!! The part I was very excited for but due I am on diet so I skip all those yummy dessert. For your information, Angelic Tea & Scone House is a vegetarian dessert house. For those who're herbivore, this is the place for you. Of coz! Everyone can feel free to eat because I heard many compliments of their dessert from bloggers of the day although I am not eating. Paishe ya! 

Nice environment and perfect place to chit-chat ♥♥

Selca & Camwhore with friends, Amelie & Jennifer

Tea & Dessert Time.
Lol... the desserts are used for illustration purpose of my selca. Sorry food! >,<

And lastly.... The main characters of the day, L'Oréal Paris White Perfect Skincare Range.
Do check out my other post about this. (here)

That's all about my day at the event.
Basically I am having fun like usual with butterflies and again thanks for the invites. :D

End my post here.