Sunday, September 1, 2013

Tony Moly Perfect Eyes Water-Proof Liner

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Today I am going to review Tony Moly Perfect Eyes Water-Proof Liner in #08 Sparkle Pink (color & shade). This product was kindly given for review purpose.

And I am going to giveaway this product to one lucky reader at the end of the post. All you need is read and answer my question then you may stand a chance to win one back! Easy peasy right? o(≧v≦)o

Section #1 : Package Design

Pink color long tube design that easy to bring out everywhere and suitable for travel use. 

Small and slim felt tip brush. Basically I love this brush because makes more easy for application. 

Section #2 : Color, Shade & Texture

Tony Moly Perfect Eyes Water-Proof Liner (No.8 Sparkle Pink) is pigmented enough. The color is not barbie pink, can consider as fuchsia pink? Sorry I am not expert enough to describe the right color.

To archives the right color, is best to apply twice to three times because the tip of the brush is thin and sharp. 

The texture of this eyeliner is smooth and liquid while not too watery. 

Section #3 : Proved Result

I have tried and tested this eyeliner weather water-proof like what it stated or not? Besides that I also done with their smudge-proof test.

Does this eyeliner water-proof?
Yes! It's super water-proof. I love how this eyeliner stay well on my skin.

Does this eyeliner smudge-proof?
Yes! Unbelievable it doesn't smudge no matter how hard I rubbed it because this eyeliner never pursue me in in its look?! But when it rubbed when it's wet, it comes off abit (flaky drop) but this is not a big deal.

Does this eyeliner drying fast?
Erm... I think is depending on how many coat you apply on. I apply three coat and it takes quite longer time to dry out and I accidentally smudge it too. So I consider this eyeliner is bad on drying. 

Does this eyeliner pigmented enough?
No. I need to apply few coats to archive ideal color that I want.

Does the tip hard to apply?
No!! Is very easy and delicate when creating a line.

Let's move to final!!

Basically I like this eyeliner. Slim long tube design in a pink color of design makes easily to know the color when picking. Other than that, it also convenient to bring outside and travel too. I love the brush tip because it thin and sharp enough makes me easily to create desire line while it also soft too when applying.

Move to pigmentation part, as the tip is thin and sharp, it's need few more coats to archive the right color. The texture is liquid but not-watery so it doesn't smudge easily while still wet BUT the only sad part is take a longer time for proper dry. If not, it may smudge easily.

This eyeliner is water-proof and smudge-proof but will smudge abit if wet. So no worry when attend party. *thumb up

Is giveaway time!!!
I am giving away one Tony Moly Perfect Eyes Water-Proof Liner in No.8 Sparkle Pink to one lucky reader to try.
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  2. Oops! forgot to answer the question! - Tony Moly Perfect Eyes Water-Proof Liner in #08 Sparkle Pink (color & shade)

  3. The pink colour looks pretty bright and deep! :)

    Celyx Lim

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    Here's my answer! Tony Moly Perfect Eyes Water-Proof Liner in #08 Sparkle Pink

    Have a nice day!

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    Answer : Tony Moly Perfect Eyes Water-Proof Liner in #08 Sparkle Pink

    thank you!!

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    Tony Moly Perfect Eyes Water-Proof Liner in #08 Sparkle Pink

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    Answer: Tony Moly Perfect Eyes Water-Proof Liner No. 8 Sparkle Pink

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