Saturday, September 7, 2013

Sothys, Paris

Introducing to you a range of skincare all away from French yet I bet women who loves facial would definitely know the name, Sothys!

Meanwhile, my mommy is also one of the consumer of Sothys Salon.

Yet, she always introduced to me this brand for a try and I always giving her a 'meh' expression from what she have told me until I attended a little workshop invited by The Butterfly Project. Then I only noticed this is the brand what my mommy love for.

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Story of SOTHYS

The Mythology

SOTHYS was the name that the ancient Egyptians gave to the brightest star in the sky; she was perceived by the inhabitants of the land of Pharaohs as the jewel amongst jewels. Men were fascinated  by her brightness and her beauty.

During a heavenly night, Saturn met the young star Sothys; even Venus never seemed so beautiful. Their meeting was astonishing and Saturn  was overwhelmed with passion for her; this threw the regular rhythm of the stars into confusion.

Venus could not bear the fact she was not anymore the most beautiful star in the sky. She took her revenge and Sothys fell into the dark of the night and disappeared.  Saturn cried over forty days and forty nights and flooded the Earth.

During centuries, the world heard nothing about Sothys until the day when… Sothys reappeared to deliver her secret to the Earth : she dedicated herself to women in order to preserve their beauty and happiness. As a tribute, Men venerated her as a Goddess.

Sothys Malaysia

SOTHYS starts to putted a step in Malaysia since 1993 and has grown big and bigger. Sothys is one of the premium and prestigious salon in Malaysia all over the Urban Mall of Klang Valley and they even have salons for men which is located at Bangsar and Empire Gallery.

Sothys also won many awards because they build on a strong foundation in serving the best to their customers and they are made of their 5 pillars of strength :

  • SOTHYS Products & Treatments
  • Salon Ambiance
  • SOTHYS Skincare Solution Specialist
  • SOTHYS SkinScope
  • SOTHYS Signature Digi-Esthetique

I felt more trust and love this brand after not because effected by my mommy or invited to know their brand even not being paid for this. This was happened when my cleanser was run out so I tried their cleansers and scrub given from workshop and surprisingly it works good on my face yet I can see the different before and after. Naturally, it's become one of my current skincare regime until now.

This is the my current parts of my skincare regime:

Cleansing Milk - For morning cleansing since I just wanna remove dirt after metabolism & also first base of cleansing after removing makeup

Morning Cleanser - For after make-up use or back from outdoor 

Lotion (Toner) - One more step for clean face to eliminating dead cells yet it's very gentle and have a nice scent of grapefruit extract

Macro Gel Peeling (Scrub) - Frankly speaking, I only use twice because I am not a fans of scrub. I still prefer much more gentle way although this scrub is not bad tho.

This four products actually comes in a set called Essential Cleansing Solution Care Set. 
Now Sothys Malaysia having promotion comes in a set of Essential Cleansing Solution Care Set plus one Sothys Cream of your choice sumore has a free treatment voucher worth RM100 at ONLY RM590 instead of RM971.
*while stocks last*

For more information, please head to
Sothys Malaysia


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