Thursday, September 12, 2013

Downtown by Calvin Klein

Special thanks to Jimmy who helps me to take these gorgeous picture. 
Parody of myself of DownTown Calvin Klein, a new fragrance for her. XD

original   —   modern   —   real
a new fragrance for her

Introducing the new arrival of women fragrance, DOWNTOWN by CALVIN KLEIN.

DOWNTOWN Calvin Klein brings to life the concept of authentic individually through a cinematic portrayal of a confident, urban woman.

Actress Rooney Mara and director David Fincher created the instantly iconic, black and white campaign that tells the story of a young woman living in her own world, breaking away from the 'expected.' setting in New York City, the short film potrays the multi-faceted life of globally recognizable actress who always remains true by herself.

Rooney Mara, the women actress who always remains true to herself

Yet I am honor invited by The Lilac Box and Luxasia for the launch to get to know about Calvin Klein's new women fragrance, Downtown.

At media launch.

Sister match outfit with Carolyn Tay. 
I looked slim here because quarter of my body is hidden, lol.

Psst: Thanks Amelie for media launch pictures although quite blur
Babes of the day, Melissa, Amelie and Carolyn.

DOWNTOWN Calvin Klein, a new fragrance for her.

DOWNTOWN Calvin Klein features a light pink bottle with a natural curve that is simple and feminine. A striking cap with an unique hollow design and bright fuchsia accent adds and electrifying, modern edge.

The design concept is carried through to the outer packaging with a Mylar fuchsia carton that represents a strong femininity. A circular texture inspired by the cap conveys the individuality and uniqueness of the DOWNTOWN Calvin Klein.

fragrance: floral, woody

top: Italian cedrat, bergamot, Tunisian neroli, green pear, watery plum

mid: pink peppercorn, violet leaf, gardenia petals

dry: Texan cedarwood, incense, vetiver, velvet musks

DOWNTOWN Calvin Klein balances feminine woods and a soft, floral scent to create a confident, modern fragrance with a unique signature and an unexpected edge.

eau de parfum spray 30ml/1.0oz RM 180
eau de parfum spray 50ml/1.7oz RM 229
eau de parfum spray 90ml/3.0oz RM 294
body lotion 200ml/6.7oz RM 182
body wash 200ml/6.7oz RM 140
DOWNTOWN Calvin Klein officially starts available on 18th September 2013
at all selected retailers.

Lastly, shameless me with the new women fragrance, Downtown Calvin Klein.



  1. The bottle is simple but nice... i wonder how the smell is like :)

  2. Although one of the ingredient is floral but it not that feminine like what you imagine (imagine sweet girl... nonono) hahaha....

    Try to imagine girls who has their own charm and characteristic, cool and edgy.

    If you can imagine, that is the smell of the DOWNTOWN CK.

    Light scent of floral yet strong personality.

  3. Aaahh I love your pictures! They look so similar to the real CK ad ones, hehe ^^

  4. I hate you lo XD Hehehe super hot pictures !!

  5. The last photo is very elegant! I thought it is the poster of this perfume!

  6. The photos of you with CK fragrance looks like CK ad when I saw in facebook and almost wanna ask, are you the new spokesperson? Hahaha. The photos are self-shot or got other people help you took?

  7. @LauraLeia, all thanks to my super professional friend, Jimmy to helps me archive these gorgeous picture. Hehehe~

  8. @Carolyn Tay, I neo u jealous me~ Muahahahaha~ XD

  9. @Kharn Yee, all thanks to my super professional friend, Jimmy to helps me archive these gorgeous picture. Hehehe~

  10. @Diana,hahahaha~ Thanks for compliment~ These pictures is taken by my friend, Jimmy. :D