Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Diet Journey with HCG Program

Having a slim body always in my resolution of the year BUT end up failed because the temptation of foods are hard to resist PLUS I hate exercising too. So I end up dreaming with no action at all.

As usual, having a slim body also one of my resolutions of this year. I've tried to diet at the early month but also end up failed while in the middle month I was invited to slimming center for diet planning and its work!!! Just I did not maintain at all because requirements that I can't archive due to my super bad lifestyle (eg: have to sleep early) and my birthday month was around the corner that time. You know what I mean, lol!   

And now, I start again my diet journey at this late month and hopefully this plan will be success. *bless *bless *bless

All thanks to Mediviron UOA Clinic for inviting me to try their treatment. Without any word, I am super excited to try their hottest treatment, HCG Diet Program (HDP)

Say Bye for my last MCD!! 

So I officially announce............  I WANNA DIET FOR REAL.
To friends and blogger's friends, please do NOT bring me go any yummylicious place anymore. 
I am so much suffering now!! You know what to do, hahahahaha~ 

HDP is a natural substance that can be administered as a part of a medically supervised low calories diet that produces amazing weight loss results without suffering. HDP is naturally suppresses appetite and helps body burn fat. It is also believed to help metabolic recovery, where certain appetite - control functions in the brain is reset, allowing for permanent weight loss. 

My doctor in charge, Dr.Lashela. 
Thanks Joan from Mediviron UOA Clinic helps taking pictures during consultation.

7 main reasons why I choose HDP:- 

Lose weight quickly and safety with guaranty result  
(5 - 15kg in less than a month depends on body condition)

 No rebound weight gain when diet is over

 Dismish cravings, control appetite


 Exercise is not necessary to lose weight on this diet \(^o^)/

 Gain energy, looking great

 Lose fat - not muscle tissue

The one and only requirement is must follow the special diet while on the HDP. It is a uniquely designed 500 to 800 calories per day that was tested on thousands of patients.
(will talk more about this soon)

I bet most of you still confuse what is HDP and how does this thing gonna work on body? Like a treatment or anything else?

I give you most simple answer, is an injection. 
Not injects per week but injects every day by self (morning jab).

This is how I inject by myself every morning now. 
You must think must be painful but for me I doesn't feel anything at all 
(I think because of the fat as protection muahahahaha).
*Do not learn this at home unless you're like me

Then doctor will provides one week supplement (7 injections in total) and every week I need to back to clinic for consultation.

I have started my journey about a week and so far, it's pretty good for me. My life still like normal. The only change in my life is my eating style! Imagine Malaysia is a place full of yummylicious, I am quite suffering tho. But my craving of food becomes less and lesser per day.

So here's my chart:

My current weight was not stable. Maybe my body tries to fit in to my diet plan. For first two days, I can eat anything I want and my diet plan starts at day 3 BUT hor.... I skip day 3 diet plan because of my friend birthday so I end up buka puasa (iftar) (╯﹏╰). I only start my diet plan on day 4. Gonna meet my doctor today (day 7) for consultation and more jab.

Will update my journey every week.
See you.



  1. Chency, may i know how tall are you? I'm surprised with your weight =/ as you looked thin in your pictures . I'm having the same wieght as you and my flabby arm is so ugly =( please update more bout this! hehe

  2. My height is 159cm. No surprising at all because all my photos in my blog are after edited. Sorry for cheat you nia :p XD.

  3. err only apply in KL har? I'm in Sabah wor

  4. Jia you babe!! You can do it :D ! Tahan tahan XD!

  5. Hi, I would like to know more about HCG treatment that you are searching for 4 bloggers. =)

  6. hallo! i would like to learn more the blogger program too! wanted to smoothen my complexion for the longest time :(((

    you certainly don't look that plump in photo! keep it up girl, you CAN do it! :D

  7. I also surprised too with your weight cause I also around that weight as well. Couldn't be cause I thought you are under 50kg.

  8. 500-800 cals per day omg... what happens after you stop the diet and eat more than 800 cal per day :/

    jia you!!!

    i wanna learn abt the blogger program too

  9. @Sherrie Pui, sorry babe. I prefer KL based becoz need to always back to clinic for checkup. It's not convenient for you.

  10. @Carolyn, u neo wat to do~ Don't bring go makan sudah~ Hahaha

  11. @ Jeisley, kindly send drop me an email or pm me at facebook. :D

    my email: thechency@gmail.com

  12. @Constance Ant, is photo cheating so of coz i look different in real~ Lol~

    If you're interested, kindly drop me an email or pm me at facebook.

    My email: thechency@gmail.com

  13. @Diana Diane Teo, do you meet in real? If yes, you should not say this hahaha becoz my blog pictures all are after edited, yet can say is different me. XD

  14. @Swee San, for the months you're in HCG treatment, diet schedule must follow but after the treatment end, of coz you can eat watever u want but after u lose weight automatically you will reduce the eating lifestyle becoz nothing is forver unless you maintain it. :D