Monday, September 9, 2013

Chibi Me ♥

Hello~ How was your day today ?

If your's day are pretty boring with your work, come join me and play

Chibi Me Iphone Download Chibi Me Ipad Download

In general, Chibi Me is a game that currently only available in IOS app store. Chibi Me is an avatar creator which lets you create beautiful and cute looking anime characters. You can create your own avatar for free without hire designers know that it may cost an amount of money specially design for you.

Chibi is available to download in two different version, IOS mobile (only head version but full body version will update very soon) and also IOS Pad (full body version). Unfortunately I still haven't heard Chibi Me developers announce Android version but no worry! I believe it will be available in future. 

Psst: Just wanna let you know that Chibi Me IPhone version has been downloaded more than 100.000 times!! \(^o^)/~

Chibi Me app is developed and created by CGMajoor, a Computer Science Msc. student in Vrije University Amsterdam. She is specialist in mobile app development, game development, edutainment and also intelligent web applications. 

Stalk her if you're keen to have a collaboration with her, Twitter & Tumblr.
Check out her blog for more cute games too,

Thanks for creating a Chibi Me version for me. I like it so much~ 
Jealous? You can too!! 

Download now for FREE and start create your own Chibi Me.
I already provided the link for you, what you waiting for?

Chibi Me Iphone Download Chibi Me Ipad Download

Join me the fun now!! 



  1. Hahah looks so cute :D

  2. So cute! Hope android will have soon! Gonna snatch my friend's ipad to play this!

  3. I just checked the android market. Chibi me is available! Thank you for thing sharing! I love anime a lot! XDDDDDDD

  4. @Kharn Yee, glad you like it. :D