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A day with London Weight Management (LWM)

I went to London Weight Management at 18th July 2013 (yes, I am still remembered the exact date) but I have to clarify that my experience with LWM does not clashes with my recent HCG treatment as timing is the proved. Other than that I have to apologize to my pr for posting this out super later but better than never. :D 

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London Weight Management (formerly Sensualite Slimming) is NOT from London. Please do not get fool by the name. London Weight Management (LWM) is owned by a company from Singapore. LWM was established with a group of medical researchers, nutritionists, weight management consultants and weight experts as the main force. They target focus on all sorts of overweight problems women tend to suffer from. Through effective weight management, ideal weight and good health are achieved in the shortest time possible. 

The birth of London Weight Management has brought new hope to women who have been battling weight problems such as post-natal weight gain, cellulite problems, flabby tummy & thighs and many more. Being overweight predisposes one to health risks and psychological effects from social discrimination.

The staffs are welcome me very friendly when I was reached there. They served me well and politely and I was led to consultation room by consultant in-charge (named as Mrs.A because I had forgotten her name). She described the treatments and 'fat people' major problems should have to me. After that I took my height and weight for BMI and then I was told that I am overweight. Well... I know my condition very well so I have to admit what she said but I still hope this kind of thing is fake, lol.

Then I claimed it as 'the most awkward moment in my life' that I'm supposedly told that I have to take off my clothes except bra and panties of course! Try to imagine you wearing aunt-kind of lingerie and show in front of stranger? Oh my lord!!! Seriously, damn humiliation. (T.T)

After determine what problem I have, she decide lets me try London’s Signature Lavender Slimming Treatment. This treatment would take approximate two to three hours. 

What treatments include in London's Signature Lavender Slimming Treatment?
1. Water retention treatment 
2. Fat burning treatment 

 - Steam
- Lavender Scrub 
- Hot Blanket
- Ampoule & Machine 

My record after treatment

Overall I am enjoying the treatment well but I still cannot accept I have to wore unusable panties and naked for whole processes during treatment. Other than that, this treatment is pretty damn relaxing because is painless and comfortable. 

As you can see at picture above showed that I am lost 13cm of overall body and 2.5kg in general. Consultation claimed my body type as water retention. She told me that I have to do more exercise to excel unwanted toxin out before it's too late and try to balance back my lifestyle due I have a very bad lifestyle (eg: my night time is evening while I am active at night till morning & have no fixed timetable for my eating lifestyle) and of course she had specially mentioned to get their package if I am lazy tho.

I still cannot accept that I have to naked and wore unusable panties during the treatment. I've understand the reason but I still can't pass my own stage. 

Besides that, I am freaking hate when they're trying to hard-selling the package by attempt to brain-washing me but they do highlight that are not a part of trying to hard-selling team at the beginning! =.="

Like example: "Chency, you should sign our student package. This is really worth for you. Don't you want to be part of them (thin girl)? Your body is really fat and you should not keep it." (⊙_⊙) 

She kept on persuade me to get student package or RM500 memberships with lots of benefits inside. In conclusion just want me to sign any package of it. I was starting to get annoying. When I felt annoyed, I will spoke out what I want to say (shortcut: fast forward). 

I stop her explanation and straight forwarding saying with very politely, "I don't think I can afford it as I only receive a little amount of pocket money from my parents. So.... No." 

She replied, "Oh... I see. Can you tell me how much is your pocket money? I think won't be less because we (all LWM staffs) saw you driving a striking red sport car."

Then I replied, "Sorry, I won't tell you but in frankly speaking I am '月光族' (live from paycheck to paycheck)."

Again she replied, "But I believe you have saving or own a credit card right?"

Me, "(Smiling with angry symbol on my forehead on (#‵——′) ). Do you think nowadays teenagers will save their money?....... I do have credited card but don't want to use it if possible. If I simply using it, you will see me eating grass after that. Haahahahaha........... *silent"

She replied, "So how many siblings you have?"

Me, "Four in total. Two elder bros and one little bros."

She replied me again, "So you're the only daughter  Then easy la, you must be very precious for them. So how about you call your daddy asking him that you want sign a package? If he rejects you, telling him that did he really don't hope your daughter (me) become slimmer? " 

Me, "(Start getting piss!!) Nola.... My parent very fair one de la. He's a busy businessman, I don't want bother him. I will telling him when I back home?"

She replied, "But the promotion only valid today. I hope you can get the best deal!"

Replied her quickly, "Since I am driving a 'striking red sport car' I don't think I am care and I believe my daddy won't care about the money then. I want to think properly first and I also have mentioned to you many time that I do not like to wore the panties and naked around, right?"

And then she was silent for a while and start giving me a very rude face and she replied me in a very 'unprofessional' tone too, "Okay la! Up to you!"     

I was like... whatever!! I don't care anymore. Then, she said she went to take doorgift to me When she passed the doorgift to me... again.... she repeated her question again! I just make myself silent because I am tired to answer her question. I am telling her that I am blogger who came here to review your saloon. But surprisingly, she replied me,"Blogger?! Are you spy from other saloon?"

 (— 。—)"

I have no more idea what I supposedly to answered her. I getting so speechless and leave it with whatever mode on. 

But in frankly speaking, besides than their attitude problem, I actually love the treatment. It's really relaxing and I can see result before and after having the treatment. Thinking of re-visiting if they're changing their attitude. I really beh tahan!! 

Clarification: This post was written to share my personal experience with London Weight Management even thought I am been invited to try their treatment. However I am writing based purely on my own opinion or interpretation of the event thus far. I take no responsibility and disown any legal acts for writing this post as I am sharing my own personal experience here.

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  1. I've tried for 6months and finish about RM700 plus, but nothing improved and they like to brainwash you with all kinds of package...and they like to say that you need to loose weight because you got fat here and there...then they say you can become their model if you slim...careful dear..they will play all kinds of strategy on you...I think it just not worth just my opinion....and anyway, I think you already fit and need la...