Friday, August 9, 2013

thechency[dot]com is turning two

Bello~ Blogging from outside. #shortagetawaynow
How was my black tone hair? I am back to basic now. :)

Finally I am back!!!.... after a month of busy hell like no tomorrow.
I am officially a wormie can rolling whenever / whatever I want. Lol...

Anyway, I would like to announce something here.

Thechency[dot]com is turning 2 years old now!! 
Omo!!! wtf!!! Rocket time boost huh?! 

I only realized when (web hosting) sent me an email wishing my bloggie birthday. How generous are them and yet they even remember this important day more than me. wtf!! Imma a poor owner. If you would like to have your blog a domain name, go ahead to and you can register yourself one start from RM35/year only!! Amazing deal!! Fast fast gives a name to your blog!!

I still remembered how did I started active in blogosphere and slowly had my very first follower, comment, sponsor and advertisement post. And time after time till now, I’d gain more than what I actually wished for that have wrote down as my resolution this year. Without you guys I never fulfill my wishes. Really appreciate and thanks with love.

Lol... I felt like giving thankful speech here. I shall stop now....

Anyway, I will try to catch up all posts that I'd postpone and giveaway marathon will be continuing as usual.

End my post here because I need to wake up 3.30am for hiking preparation.

See ya babes. :)