Friday, July 5, 2013

L'Oréal Professional Hair Pampering ft. KLFW 2013

Hello lovelies’ ♥♥♥

Was invited to Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week 2013 by The Lilac Box and L'Oréal Professional Malaysia has perfectly ended. Those memories still fresh in my mind like just happened.


Because L'Oréal Professional Malaysia was having a hair pampering session at Miko Galére, Pavillion KL with The Lilac Box and thanks to Ky-Gan (one of the 3 guys who created the Lilac Box) has giving this opportunity to me as one of the exclusive blogger to enjoyed the pampering session as well to KLFW 2013. #gamsahabnida

Selca of me, lol :D

Oh well well well.... As usual my pattern of attending event, L.A.T.E (super late). Sometime was super embarrassing when everyone was waiting for me to start on and this time was not exceptable. I was late for the pampering due to super dammit car peak session (I just can blamed myself on why choosing the peak road -.-). Stupid WAZE calculating the fastest road for me but end up turning to slowest road due it's automatically changes the route when I am driving on the way. *fliptable  

My unwashed hair before heading to get pampered. Messy nia.
By the way, if you're following my instagram (@thechency) you might notice I'm changed my hair color. Yup. Blue hair color but left some pink hair behind. :)

Before heading to KLFW 2013, have a pampering hair session and hairdo from L'Oréal Professional Malaysia at Miko Galére, Pavillion KL to try out their new range, L'Oréal Mythic Oil Range. I'm deliberated not wash my hair a day before, lol.

Miko Galére, Pavillion KL

My hair finally get wet, lol. 

Washed and blew my hair. Not going to get any styling on my hair since I knew my hair need a spa from keeping those electronic stuff. So I choose natural blow. :)

L'Oréal Mythic Oil Range

(from left)
- The Original Mythic Oil (Normal Hair)
- Mythic Oil Milk Mist (Fine Hair)
- Mythic Oil Color Glow Oil (Color-treated Hair)
- Mythic Oil Rich Oil (Dry and Unruly Hair)
- Mythic Oil Nourishing Masque (All hair types)
-Mythic Oil Nourishing Conditioner (All hair types)
- Mythic Oil Nourishing Shapoo (All hair types)

The ingredients

The complete L'Oréal Mythic Oil Range

*picture credited to Swee San
The products used on my hair - Shampoo, Conditioner and Mythic Oil Rich Oil 

Sean (Hair stylish) started apply L'Oréal Mythic Oil Rich Oil before my hair get dried. I felt my hair become smoother and healthier giving a silky soft touch with ultra smooth and glossy from top to bottom.  

Can you see the difference? Thanks to L'Oréal Professional. My hair finally get pampered. lol :D

*Sharing session*
I love the packaging design of L'Oréal Mythic Oil Range, gold, feminine and classy. After using these, my hair definitely become smoother and shiny, soft to touch, instant moisturising and manageable. My fingers easy to crossed over from top to end of my hair yet not frizzy after. My extra love is to L'Oréal Mythic Oil   Rich Oil (pre-blow-dry and finishing touch treatment). It gives me extra shine and smooth while not feeling oily even after a day I applied. Giving many thumbs up. You should try too?! You won't regret after. 

Anyway, thanks to Sean (my hair stylish of the day) from Miko Galére treated my hair so damn good.
If you're interested to pay a visit to there, you may find Sean and he'll promised me to give you guys a special discounts, 
quote my words, "the blue hair girl blogger when KLFW happening" 
(don't quote my name becoz I know my name quite hard to pronounce) 
or you just show him my picture or my blog or whatever, hahahaha.

Miko Galére (Sean)
Hp: 6012- 362 0278
Address: Lot 6.07, Level 6,
Pavilion Kuala Lumpur,
168, Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100

L'Oréal Mythic Oil Range get high compliments from magazines, beauty articles and blogospheres. 

Group photo with bloggers.

Okay enough!

Let's move to Kuala Lumpur Fashion Show 2013. I went to Friday show, that night was featuring Jovian Mandagie collection. 

But before I going to explore more about KLGW 2013 (I know I know, I am a such garrulous girl), I just want to show you some of the picture of the backstage. Many pretty girls and *ahem chio guys, lol.

By the way, L'Oréal Professional is one of the main sponsors for KLFW 2013. 
Here's some of the picture of the backstage. :D

 Handsome guy~ *.* 

Thanks to L'Oréal Professional and The Lilac Box for the VIP tickets!! I sat on the end front row of the show and I managed to get many cool photo pictures for the collection. 

Main entrance

Tidbit before the show started.

Renowned local designer Jovian Mandagie, proudly launched his new ready-to-wear collection today, ‘JOVIAN’. New brand under his empire specially made to cater to the masses featuring apparels for the trendy Muslimah women named “Blossom Raya” inspired by Muslim women who are stylish in spite of being decently clad in their daily garment of choice. His main focus is ‘simple yet elegant’ for this clothing line. 

Jovian Mandagie Collections

Jovian Mandagie and Lisa Surihani (Guest Model & Ambassador of J.M) 

With Lisa Surihani 

With Amber Chia

Should I label what I wore? No need la... Mafan nia....
Anyway, again thanks to L'Oréal Professional, Miko Galére and The Lilac Box for awesome treats.

Not forgot to thanks to Wacoal Lingerie Malaysia for allowing me to drop by for their latest lingerie collection, "Salute Reigning Supreme". Pardon me for only drop by (no more time to there) but kindly enough they gave me special door gift and I won a lucky draw too even I am not on the show. Wuhoo!! They do also sent me their latest collection too. Thanks and love Wacoal. *kiss

Peace ya everyone. Have a great day ahead. O(∩_∩)O



  1. Had a great night out with you girls :)

  2. went wacoal event that day too but sadly no spot u there aiks

  3. Love your hair colour!!!! Your blog template is so sweet too!!

  4. I like your gyaru eye makeup :D too bad I can't wear contacts T-T

  5. @ Sunshine Kelly,

    me too. ╭(╯3╰)╮

  6. @Eivin,

    I was there for awhile only then leaved. Hope to meet you next time :D

  7. @Kharn Yee,

    Thanks babe. Your comment makes my day. :D

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    I think if you're wear contact lens will lagi pheeweee~~~ Hahaha