Saturday, July 6, 2013

Clean & Clear Fruits Essentials Cleansers Launch

Nihao ♥♥♥

Was invited to Clean & Clear new range of skincare cleansers, Fruits Essential official media launch. Pardon me for a late updated but better late than never. :)

Clean & Clear was officially launches Morning Energy Face Wash range with BURSTING BEADS® with combination of fruits extract such as Apple, Berry and Lemon to wake up your skin every morning. Deliciously scented and certified oil-free, the Clean & Clear Fruit Essential Range comes in three various types in three different functions; Energizing Berry, Purifying Apple and Brightening Lemon.

I will explore more later. Let's move to normal boring content that every blogger did including me too, lol.

During registration, every blogger and media comes with a door gift for review purpose?., and also light refreshments.

Registration booth

Door gifts

Picture of me.

Acting silly with paper fruit while waiting to start. 
Who is she? I don't think I need to introduce her. :) My favorite partner for event. 

Photobooth moment before the event start. ↖(^ω^)↗


Photo moment with my lovely.

Selca of myself

Playing props with Amelie

Camwhore with Amelie and Janice

The most refreshing feature of this range is that it contains 'BURSTING BEADS®', also know as soft beads. These beads are bursting with energy and designed to soften gradually. This range also formula with anti-bacterial and oil-free formula that helps to prevent clogged pores, keeping these those perky pimples and unsightly blackheads at bay.

Energizing Berry contains raspberry extract that rich in Vitamin C and Vitamin B3, which are antioxidants that helps regulate skin-cell turnover.

Purifying Apple contains apple extract, which has mild exfoliation properties to help remove dead skin cells.

Brightening Lemon facial cleanser is a rich source of Vitamin C, which has anti-oxidant properties work effectively to brighten skin tone, helping teens to take on the day with a glowing appearance and uplifted spirit.

Clean and Clear's ambassador, Fiffy Natasya

Fiffy Natasya confessed that she hard to decide which is her favorite among all. 

She said,
  "I like all of them as they are so refreshing and effective, but if I have to pick one, my favorite is Purifying Apple. It is my sweet-smelling savior when my face feels oily after many hours in make-up, thoroughly cleansing my skin and leaving it clean, clear and fresh!"

Now with the New CLEAN& CLEAR ™ Morning Energy Face Wash range, teens can wake up their skin with the power of Bursting Beads. 

The Clean & Clear Fruit Essentials facial cleansers is available at super and hypermarkets as well as pharmacies nationwide. 

For more information on Clean & Clear and its line of products, check out "My Clean & Clear" on