Friday, July 19, 2013

BCL Browlash EX Strong Water Deep Black Eyeliner


Pardon me for not frequently update my blog. July is a tired month for me because everything squeezed up in this month so I have lotsa things to handle.

Anyway in this post I am going to share my review about BCL Browlash EX Strong Water Eyeliner given by BCL Malaysia. This product was kindly given for review purpose.

BCL Browlash EX Strong Water Eyeliner 

I believe majority of you first time heard this brand, BCL. Well, actually this brand does not felt strange for me because I am using this eyeliner too but an old version of this.

Frankly speaking, my experience of using my old version of BCL Eyeliner was not happy. It does not longer lasting like what it's stated and easily to rub off and flakes. But since I giving a brand new chance to review the new version of BCL eyeliner, why not try it once more time?!

BCL Browlash EX Strong Water Eyeliner Deep Black

Let's talk about the package design

The package of this design actually is quite confusing for me because is in Japanese description (yup!! I don't know Japanese) but luckily there has an English description behind it so I won't get confuse with it. In other way of view, I love the illustration of main points of how its highlight the product's benefit (eg: 24 hours longer lasting) to make sure consumer received the right message in a short time although without looking to description.

Tip design of BCL Browlash EX Strong Water Eyeliner

Nothing special with the outlook of this eyeliner, just like normal eyeliner pen you can see in drugstore especially Japanese cosmetic selling counters but my personal super love this kind of design. The design is very much similar to a pen or thin maker. A convenient pen handling design with soft bristles that easy to handle and gives a good control over drawing a thin clean line. Leave it up to the Japanese to think of great inventions!!

Okay enough say.... Let's move to application part.

Baboi Baboi.... Show me your best part.... 

The softness of eyeliner bristles

I am super partial on this part. I hate hard bristles of pen eyeliner which it's always ruin my mood when applying because my eyes telling me that someone actually hurting them. As you can see on the picture above, the softness of BCL Browlash EX Strong Water Eyeliner is absolutely amazing and soft enough. Love it♥♥♥

I am freaking love with the new version of BCL Browlash EX Strong Water Eyeliner comparing with old version. The old version creates many unhappy problem (one of the major problem: quite a hard bristles) to me but with a changes of a new version, I can see a big improvement between both of them.
*personal bias

Application part

The pointed felt tip is very sturdy and doesn't bend or lose its shape easily yet in a soft method during application. This eyeliner helps me easily creates a pointy winged eye. Other than that, this eyeliner is easy to control with a smooth and without gap or faded finish with only one time archiving.

Move to pigmentation part, the color of this eyeliner state was deep black. Does this really does like what it's stated? I could say yes! I love the intensity of the color with one time archiving application. It helps to makes my eye bigger, more pop and creates dramatic eye-soul look.

Bee Do Bee Do Bee Do.... Let's move to performance part.

I am going to test water-proof and smudge-proof of this eyeliner. 

1. Smudge-proof tested and tried

I drew four different thicknesses of lines to test the smudge-ness of this eyeliner when applying four different kinds of lines on eyes. As you can see the picture above, when I rub the eyeliner, it doesn't smudge even I tried to rubbed hardly. Even flakes also didn't come out too. No one actually loves when your eyes become dirty with lotsa flakes especially at outdoor for wholeday. 

I have worn this eyeliner at outdoor for whole day and I found it still doesn't smudge and has any flakes from day to night. It stays nice and neatly at my eyes.

So does this eyeliner smudge proven? 
I could say yes unless for those who have oily eyelid problem. I have no guarantee with you but I should say liquid eyeliner is the best way to stay at oily eyelid than pencil or gel liner. 

 2. Water-proof tested and tried

So I spray some water on liners to test how well was this eyeliner stay even when its wet. Well as you can see the picture above (*I keep on repeating this sentence), is waterproof!! The liner still stay perfectly even after it becomes wet. 

This eyeliner is high resistance to perspiration, water and sebum. If you're still remember with the package design, it's stated that this eyeliner can stay up to 24 hours without smudge, does this really work? 

My answer is I have no idea with this prove. I still haven't wear it up to 24 hours but this eyeliner works perfectly for me whole day long at outdoor without touching needed. It's pretty budge proof.

So how about when I going to rub it? Well I know no one actually being asshole going to rub their eyeliner when it's wet but since I don't know why already tested it so I just wanna to share out.  ╮(╯▽╰)╭~

When I rubbed when it's still wet... yes!!.... this liners is smudge but little. I think is not a big deal because it turns out some flakes while is not a melt liquidity then every girl will be super thankful.

Let's move to final verdict.

What I think?
As I mentioned before, I am not happy with the old version of this eyeliner but the new version (BCL Browlash EX Strong Water  Deep Black Eyeliner) has impressed me alot. I am amazed with the improvement from cons to pros. *salute

About the package design, well not that attractive enough comparing with others (no girly elements inside) while honestly not classy also. But I love the liner with only normal black pen like with nice blue font. Simple enough. My first time using this eyeliner, I already falls in love with the soft bristles and intensity color of this eyeliner. I really love the bristles, soft while sturdy and do not bend easily. It's very simple to apply and the point makes it easy to create a precision line.

Overall, I love this product. It lasts all day on my lids and doesn’t smudge and have flakes. The pigmentation and color are awesome. Only one swipe and you'll get the blackest black color. Even though it is waterproof I find it very easy to remove. I am only using one cotton pad with oil based remover to remove this eyeliner easily without scrubbing and irritating the fragile eye areas. Well it does works perfectly with gel remover and also non-remover formula normal wet tissue. I do believe this eyeliner can be erasing by using warm water. No scrub, no rub and no pain. Yay!




  1. nice review Chency! this eyeliner looks great!

  2. lovely post! My opinion towards this eyeliner is quite the same with yours ^^

  3. is the cartoon designed by you?

  4. Your eyes are looking very much attractive and beautiful too. I can't make out whether you have used contact lenses or not. If you've used, then which are those?

  5. @Sabrina Tajudin, thanks babe. Your comment makes my day. :D

  6. @Abigail, let's high 5 then. (≧▽≦)/ :D

  7. @Coloured Contacts, thanks for the compliment. The lens is Geo Honey in Brown. :)