Sunday, June 9, 2013

Vanity Trove 'Obsessive Beauty'

June Edition, 'Obsessive Beauty'

June theme makes me quite excited because of the theme, 'Obsessive Beauty'. I have no idea why I excited about? Perhaps my telepathy told me in prior until I got mine box on a lovely Sunday morning, it's proved me right because June edition really makes my day even more sunny and cheerful. :D

According to Valerie, obsessing over one's self is a never a selfish act because your appearance is the first impression you portray to the world.

Let's explore what goodies inside the, 'Obsessive Beauty'

- Loreal Professionnel Liss Ultime Masque (RM67.00/200ml)
Loreal Liss Ultime Masque uses its key technology, Polymer AR, to wrap the hair fibre with a special anti-humidity shield, keeping it smooth and glossy while stopping frizz in its tracks. Its intensely nourish, repair and smooth your frizzy, unmanageable hair with Loreal Liss Ultime Masque. This pampering treat works in minutes leaving you with super smooth, luscious locks.

- Loreal Professionnel Liss Ultime Shampoo (RM50/200ml, RM79.00/500ml)
It is the ultimate shampoo for frizzy, rebellious hair. L'Oreal Liss Ultime Shampoo is formulated with Oil Incell technology, which mimics the hair’s lost ceramides. This combined with the addition of highly nourishing Argan and Olive Oil means that this shampoo leaves hair smoothed, conditioned and gleaming with health.

- Soap Artisan Natural Lip Balm with Beeswax and Vitamin E (RM12/4g)
A lipbalm suitable for everyone. Long hours in air-conditioned rooms and the hot weather can really take its toll on our lips in long run. With this natural lip balm, chapped and peeling lips are pampered and taken care off, making them soft and kissable.

- Decleor Hydra Flora Moisturizing Cream (RM98.00/50ml)
This moisturizing cream is reparative hydrating cream that has anti-pollution and deeply replenishing properties for normal to dry skin which is inspired by incredible powers of flowers. With a soft and relaxing floral scent soft and supple with daily application. Apply day and night after cleansing for a more youthful appearance.

- CocoLab Aromatic Body Oil (RM99.00/100ml) 
Cocolab Aromatic Body Oil containing a premium grade of Absolute-No-Heat Virgin Coconut Oil and fruity blend essential oils, it's luxurious and rejuvenating experience that nourishes and heals your skin from within. This body oil triples as a luxurious moisturiser, massage oil and skin repair treatment with potent anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, it's an essential for each lady in her beauty routine.

- Bifesta Eye Makeup Remover (RM26.90/145ml)
Recommend this product!!! Mine favorite makeup remover ever, that gently remove the heaviest of eye and lip makeup without tugging and causing damage to your delicate eye area and eyelashes. It's hypo-allergic formulation with Vitamin E makes it suitable for sensitive skin and lifts makeup instead of melting it. No rubbing required formula.

- Payot Drying and Purifying Gel & Purifying Care (Sample Sachet)
Drying and Purifying Gel
Special 5 dries and purifies imperfections at the end of their cycle, making them disappear as fast as possible. The complexion is cleansed in-depth, impurities are completely wiped out. Skin is healthy, clean and soft.

Purifying Care
This secret formula by Dr Payot works while you sleep to accelerate the maturation of minor sub- cutaneous spots and make them disappear from the very next morning! Calming sweet almond relieves the skin and locally soothes sensitised areas. The double shale extract regulates sebaceous secretions and encourages the disappearance of regular minor spots.

- Celeb Beaute Celeb Lab (RM19.80 - RM22.80)
The variety of styles and colors allows you to create different looks to suit any occasion, helping you to intensify and add depths to your eyes with these high-drama and professional quality eyelashes. Handmade, simple to use and comfortable to wear, each Celeb-Lash design is perfectly shaped and arranged to give a striking effect, whether the look is dramatic or dramatic.

I am glad that I am receiving natural looks Celeb Lash yet exceptionally quite long natural eyelashes. This pair of lashes can be use as dramatic and natural looks, though it looks a bit dramatic but keeping the natural still. This lashes is perfect when you need to looks natural in the morning while dramatic at night by just thicken the eyeliner. :)

Celeb Lash in Natural 

- Mini Booklet and Vouchers
I got Decleor Signature Aromaplasty Facial Voucher worth RM98, Soap Artisan RM5 off voucher and booklets about product.

Compare with May version, ‘Awesome Wholesome', I am more love with June version ' Obsessive Beauty' because it's a care from head to toe. I always love hair products therefore among all, Loreal Professionnel Liss Ultimate Shampoo and Masque are my favorite. My hair always need extra care. Other than that, I also love Bifesta Makeup Remover because this remover is the best I tried and the price is affordable too and Celeb Lash that I received in natural yet can be dramatic as well, like a multi-tasker. :) 

I can't wait to tried Decleor Signature Aromaplasty Facial Voucher because I heard many compliment from my beauty blogger friends. Can't wait to make an appointment to pay a visit to there with my mom. :)

I have tried Soap Artisan Natural Lip Balm with Beeswax and Vitamin E but only one time. Based on my experience, the lip balm is moisturizing and nourishing enough for all day use yet its does not feeling tacky. For those who hates fruity or flavors scents, you may try this lip balm because its has fruity scent but not strong enough, just in a right amount. It is handmade and organic too. :D

If you're interesting, you can head over to:

Soap Artisan
Lot 82, Level UG,
Publika Shopping Centre,
Solaris Dutamas No.1,
50480 Jalan Dutamas 1 KL

Tel: 03 6205 5606

Sneak peak of Vanity Trove July Edition.

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  2. Hi Anne,

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