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[Food] Teaffani Pâtisserie @ Parkamaya

Teaffani Pâtisserie @ Parkamaya, Fahrenheit 88

Yummy dessert post for today. Firstly, thanks The Butterfly Project and Teaffani Pâtisserie At Parkamaya to the invitation for food review. And thank you Lullabe Homamade Soaps for sponsoring her homemade ointments to us. Remember to check their facebook page out. *thumb up

So, 15 bloggers including me were invited to Teaffani Pâtisserie which is located at 3rd floor, Parkamaya Fahreheit 88 to tried new set, English Hi-Tea Set RM49.90/set for 2 pax. If you're looking for budget Hi-Tea, you can also try their Basic Tea Promo, RM 39.90/set for 2 pax.

Simple introduction about Teaffani Pâtisserie.

Teaffani Pâtisserie is the 1st Mobile English Hi-tea Service in Malaysia if you wish to experience the ultimate English afternoon tea moment with an elegant, unique and beautiful English setting environment. Teaffani Pâtisserie also provides the ultimate English afternoon tea experience for the masses such as corporate functions, birthday parties, events , and more.

And now, Teaffani Pâtisserie finally decided to settle down at Parkamaya, Fahrenheit 88 due to many over melting requests from people who had tried their foods at events.

The environments

Out of topic first before proceed to proper review on every desserts. Yesterday before the day, a group chat between girls on what dress code for the Tea Party and finally we decided go for British girl school look. Omo!! Damn excited.

And this is my look for the day. Although most of them said I looked like a Japanese School Girl more than British School Girl just because of my hair color I think. Anyway, steal my brother shirt and pinned the shoulder up pair with black rose and Delectable by Su brooches. I love theme party because I can be unusual than usual. Sound complicated right? Lol

#motd & #ootd

Rachel Ang, co-founder of Teaffani Pâtisserie aka Principle and Tammy,  co-founder of The Butterfly Project aka Student President giving some warm opening speech to students (us). #lol

Camwhore with Fishiee and Tammy

With Cindy and Fishiee again :)

Group photo with Isabel, Senri and YinYin

Another with Ruby and Kak Lily

The bunch of girls who played as teachers XD

Another bunch of girls who acted as badass students :)

Okay. Back to topic now. Today I am going giving my honest review to their beautiful Hi-Tea Set. Teaffani Pâtisserie had their own central kitchen where all the desserts were baked by their chef at there and then only sending their pastry to shop. Therefore, you could only see dry kitchen area where the staffs just prepare tea, putting all those yummy pastry onto the plate and also washing area for their dirty plates and cups.

Nice presentation :)

There were 9 different assorted pastries, savories and desserts, along with an English tea pot of your choice of tea in a set. It serves 2, as it comes in just 2 portions but this set definitely can fits more one to two persons because it's quite a big portion for me. :) 

There are many varieties type of tea for you to choose pairs with any dessert such as Earl Grey Tea, Chamomile Tea or Peppermint Tea. If you're wondering which type of tea suits you the best, you can get advise from the staff there. :)

What desserts inside the set?
  • mini chicken quiches
  • macarons
  • brownies
  • carrot cakes
  • orange puddings
  • tiramisus
  • sandwiches
  • scone (comes with strawberry jam and butter)

 ps: as I mentioned above, all comes in portion of 2

Mini Chicken Quiches
Actually I am not a pie lover so I only tried a bite. The taste is creamy and filled with chicken although in a small size. I love the crust, crispy and light buttery taste, not too crumbly. Other than that, this little bite also helps to reduce the sweetness of others from sugar high. 

Nice colors but too sweet for me. I love sweet stuff but this is too much for me. This macarons are too hollow and crispy, I can't felt any softness anymore inside. Honestly, I do not like it. Sweetness is overdose nia.

Brownies is one of my favorite, not too sweet just in a right amount. The brownies also not too tough and dry;  meticulous and mild while inside contains nuts (I am not sure weather is almond or not). 

Carrot Cakes
I not a fans of carrot cake so I did not tried this piece but I heard many compliments from other bloggers about this cake.

Sarah said,
"This is my favourite piece of the day. The taste was just divine having the cream cheesy on top of the soft and moist carrot cake ! Although on that day the cream cheese was a little bit watery as it melted, you can blame us on that cause we were taking so much time to take photos of the tea set, sorry :( but its still delectable." 

Orange Pudding
Another art pieces I did not tried. From the presentation, its looks nice topped with whipped cream and strawberry and the aromatic was quite strong but I can't smells orange flavor inside so I first impression of this was normal pudding (original flavour)

And Swee San leaving a comment, 
" I can’t really decipher what this was. The pudding was smooth but I didn’t like it with the addition of the whipped cream on top. I think there’s too much creamy jelly pudding texture happening."

This is yummy!! My favourite pieces among all. Soft, moist and strong aromatic of coffee yet not to sweet and weary when putted in mouth. No wonder this is one of their signature desserts even me (not a coffee drinker) will recommend this to you all. :)

Tuna Sandwiches
Erm.... Just like normal tuna sandwhiches you ate or bought from your favorite bakery shop. No comment about the taste but I like the Hi-Tea set including this inside because its can helps balancing back from sugar high. :)

Raisin Scones
Another signature pieces from their shop. The raisins scones come with strawberry jam and unsalted butter and my personal prefer eat with strawberry jam. The scones was bit tad hard when you sliced into half to swipe the jam on it. I felt tired after two or three bites eating scones because of the toughness and greasiness of the texture although the taste was good. 


Place: Located in the center of crowd but on the highest floor, Parkamaya Fahrenheit 88 and between fashion shops so its quite hard to stand out if compete with other restaurants or bakery shops around

Price: Affordable. The set is quite a big portion so definitely can be served for more. 

Environment: Relaxing but I prefer if the seating area is close, I mean at least have four wall surrounding like a proper shop (open area) but I am understand the restriction of the rule and regulation of shopping center has set. 

The design of the shops was not vintage enough to bring the message out, not enough to attract first-time consumer to drop by. I am very partial to a shop that has a nice design and comfortable seating area especially an unique one. 

Taste: I love the tea and I definitely will back only for the tea. For the desserts, my favorite is tiramisu. I love presentation, taste and layering sense once I putted in my mouth. Most of the desserts are kinda sweet for me (perhaps my sugary level is low). Besides that, I like the combination when the quiches and sandwiches have add into the set saving us from heaven of sweetness. 

Grade: I would like to give only B for environment and taste. 

*different people has different kind of opinion and taste

Thanks Lullabe Homamade Soaps for the homemade ointments

And thank you Rachel for the Chocolate Almond. This is yummy!!!

Lastly a group photo with Rachel and Butterflies :D
By the way, some pictures are credited to The Butterfly Project, Senri and Cindy 

Remember to pay a visit and share with me your opinions :) 

Teaffani Patisseries
Lot OT-03A,
Parkamaya, 3rd Floor,
Fahrenheit 88,
No. 179, Jalan Bukit Bintang
55100 Kuala Lumpur

Email : teaffani@gmail.com
Contact No : 012-207 9256
Official Website : http://www.teaffani.com



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  5. Nice post girl and i really appreciate all ur honest comments. I would like to give a try to this and the price is actually affordable for a portion of two. Thumbs up for ur blog <3

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