Saturday, June 1, 2013

Me want Havaianas !!!

Flip-flop as known as slipper, is my favorite since I was a kid because they are the most comfy shoes ever I had wore even sport shoes also can't bet them. Easy to wear while easy to spoil as well. You know what I mean?! ╮(╯_╰)╭

I heard many good feedback from my friends and also blogosphere's review about Havaianas flip-flop.
( ⊙ o ⊙ ) They giving a big thumb up for this flip-flop because the main reason of the quality of flip-flop. One of my friend said that she bought a pair of Havaianas flip-flop about one and a half year and she still wearing it now although become dirty black aldy. Omo!!! She makes me curious about this flip-flop more. And thanks to The Butterfly Project for giving me a chance to win a pair for myself and an invite to The Spa Party. Gamsahabnida \(^o^)/

So these are the reasons why I want myself a pair of Havaianas.

Specialist design for the lazy human like me
"You're the most laziest girl I ever seen and no one could bet you.", that is how my mother always tell me. o(╯□╰)o No else... I am a human who care about timing and sort of timing as well. I love simple and nice design's shoes. Too complicated will me make piss sometime if I am in a hurry. As I mentioned before, flip-flop is my favorite since I was a kid. Why? Because the design is the most simple ever I had seen; slip it on Easy, Fast and Go. Fast and save time ever. *thumb up

Is the hero for high-heels numies
I am so so thankful for those who designed flip-flop especially a nice and comfy one because wearing high-heels is a super hard task. I really amazed for those pretty ladies wearing high-heels standing there for several hours and still can run sumore \( ⊙o⊙ )/ Oh my~~~ 

I stop wearing high-heels about four years until few weeks ago my friends called me to wear high-heels for an event. I wore it but my legs felt freaking painful when on the way to getting my car back home. At the moment, I really wish there's a flip-flop inside my car. I know most of you girls know the moment when you put your feet from high-heels to flip-flop, the comfortable level is the most appreciated ever. So always do remember put a pair of Havaianas flip-flop inside the car especially girl's car because Havaianas flip-flop is made out of a patented rubber that makes them incredibly durable, stain resistant and comfortable.  

Flip-flop is not outdated but Stylish
Who say flip-flop looks auntie one? No no no!! You're wrong. With Havaianas flip-flop, you can be stylish while comfy as well because Havainas has design many kind of design and patterns that suits man, woman and also kids. Imagine going beach or shopping center wearing a pair of flip-flop is the most comfortable ever. 0(~v~)0
Check out their collections at official website or twitter.

And lastly the main reason why I want a pair of Havaianas Flip-flop because I need a stylish and comfy flip-flop for the upcoming party, The Spa Party. Pretty please, let me win a pair of Havaianas flip-flop. >,<

Till then...

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