Monday, May 27, 2013

Laneige K-Beauty Contest

I do not think you guys are unfamiliar with Laneige, a high raving products from magazines, beauty articles and also blogosphere. My personal was Laneige fans because I love the texture; light & water-based that really suits my combination skin yet archive hydrated, dewy and radiant skin. I still remember Laneige was my second skincare product set that I used when am a high-school girl.

My pretty ideal skin now :)

There's are some of the products that I can't live without because they help me to archive my ideal skin :)

Laneige Pore Tightening Essence (Serum)
This is one of my favorite product for years. I should said this product is my pore's surgeon. I am having a quite bad pores problem last time. I am headache finding the solution until my aunt recommended this product to me. It helps refine and tighten my pores became small and smaller. This is the product who makes most of my friends and readers envy to my skin now. :) 

Lagneige Multiberry Yogurt Pack (Mask)
Laneige Sleeping Pack is one of the fame of Laneige. However I found this even great product after I have finished mine sleeping pack. I am a girl who always burns the midnight oil for rushing assignments and blogging, therefore my skin always dehydrated and dull-looking especially when I had no proper enough drinking water. Plus I have to put my make-up on when attending events therefore my skin always screaming, "S.O.S". 

This mask acts like an emergency doctor to me. Before I heading to college or events, I will applied this about 5 to 10 minutes if I found my skin is dull and unspiritual plus this mask is more convenient and saving time compare with sleeping mask. Its will instantly giving me radiant skin and docile when apply make-up on.

Laneige Air Light Primer
A Korea's souvenir from my friend. Omo!!! I am so in love with this primer and definitely will recommend to everyone if you're asking me. Primer is the secret of Korean girls archiving dewy look. The light and soft texture yet makes my makeups longer lasting without getting oily plus the lemon-yellow color texture acts like color corrector correcting my dark circle and redness while brighten up my skin. :)   

Laneige Silk Intense Lipstick in R217 Define Red
Another souvenir from friend. What I love about this lipstick because the moisture level is high yet not feeling sticky or greasy after applying. This lipstick also longer lasting and delivers clear and vivid colors. Other than that, the pigment of the lipstick is easy to remove as well with just normal remover. :)

So these is my favorite products from Laneige. :)

By the way, I wish to try Laneige Snow BB Soothing Cushion because it is an unique type of BB product with 5 benefits (soothing, skin tone correction, SPF 50+ PA+++, brightening, sweat-proof). This product has taken the place of basic make-up steps and being in a convenient compact, it easily fits in a cosmetic pouch for quick touch-ups on the go.

Hope I can join the workshop. :)

Till then...

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