Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Esse Organic Skincare Launch @The Sompoton Spa

I have attended Esse Organic Skincare Launch at The Sompotan Spa, Hotel Istana KL last month. Thanks The Butterfly Project for the awesome invited. :) The Sompota Spa offers full range from head to toe('s) treatments for both men and ladies and they are now officially using Esse Organic products as their spa treatment's products. 

A little introduction about Esse; Esse organic skincare is a range of cutting-edge professional and retail skincare products, manufactured in South Africa, using unique anti-ageing active ingredients, wild -sourced from legendary Africa plants. 

Before the event started, The Sompotan Spa was giving us a pampering session but I did it after the event for the common reason of my life-fact #SudahBiasa, LATE!! :(  Kinda heartbroken because I can't catch up the amazing session with other bloggers. 

I miss facial pampering but I still had hand-massaging pampering by using Esse Products. My hand finally getting pampered and I do really enjoyed it because I never put any lotion on them so my hand is kinda dry. Thanks for made my hands smooth and soft again. (∩_∩) The product's scent was kinda 'green' (the aroma of the plants) for me, no fragrance scent but it‘s so relaxing, comfortable and I'd feel like close to nature. ~(~ o ~)~

Esse Cocoa Exfiolator, Gel Cleanser and Cream Mask.

Massaging my hand. Wee ~~~(~﹃~)~~~~

Little refreshments. Esse signature cupcakes really stand out!!

I have to special thanks to Anna, the sales manager of Esse Organic Skincare one-to-one briefing and introducing each products for me. I'd learnt many beauty secrets and tips from her. She determined my skin and helped find the right products that suit best to my skin. I really appreciated that she spent her expensive one hours time just for briefing to me. #arigato

During the media session, Megan Tan, the Founder & Managing Director, The Sompoton Spa and
Managing Director, Versatile Event Sdn Bhd introducing Esse Skincare Launch by sharing her story of exploring Esse Products. In her explanation, she believe costumers deserved only the best organic products when they paid for it; this is why The Sompotan Spa decided using Esse Organic products. 

Megan Tan (center), two directors of Esse, Edith Lam (left) & Jaime Yap (right) and local celebrities. :)

Full range of Esse Organic Skincare Products.

Esse is based in Africa and has been formulated using Africa’s incredible plant diversity.

The most potent African plants are sustainably harvested from the wild by local communities. The plants aren’t bred for cultivation. They are the pure, unpolluted species collected from their natural habitat by people who understand that the wild essence of Africa cannot be tamed.

Aeons of incredibly harsh conditions have ensured that only the hardiest plants survive under the African sun. The protective compounds that allow these plants to flourish have been concentrated to offer protection from the pollutants and free radicals that accelerate the ageing process.

Esse uses Baobab, Marula and Kalahari Melon, along with many other African extracts to soothe and protect skin. These extracts are combined with cutting edge ingredients like Oleuropein and low molecular mass Hyaluronic Acid to reduce wrinkles and improve skin elasticity.

More information about Esse Skincare products are available on their official website & facebook

Get a spa pamper for yourself and try the miracle of Esse products by booking a reservation at The Sompotan Spa, Hotel Istana Kuala Lumpur. You can also head over to their facebook to catch the latest promotion or news. :)

The Sompoton Spa, Istana Hotel
1B, East Wing, Istana Hotel, Jalan Raja Chulan, 50200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel: +603-2148 8910

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