Tuesday, May 28, 2013

China Glaze Summer Fling Collection

Time flies and it's summer now. A freaking hot but the best chilling session especially in beach and bikini party!!! For those who love tanning, hurry come to Malaysia's beach and you will back with satisfied result. Damn sunny and exhausted tired summer!! Wearing latest fashion of summer clothes and painting the summer collection nail lacquer to match the theme of summer.

China Glaze has introducing two summer collections, Avant Garden and Hologlam series. China Glaze debuting two series because different people has different kind of love; Avant Garden collection is more colorful, playful and romantic while Hologlam collection is simply futuristic, luminous and glamorous.

Parts of China Glaze Avant Garden Collection.

Parts of China Glaze Avant Garden Collection.

Avant Garden Collection is blossoming with vibrant color. This delightful combination of bright and springy shades is cheerful and vivid. This collection is suitable for those who love pastel and bright yet playful, which is mine pick for the summer. :)

12 new debuting colors of Avant Garden Summer Fling Collection:-

Hologlam Collection is a new generation of Holographic lacquers! A captivating collection with 12 different illuminating shades. It has cool shiny finish-effect yet also has hologlam gradient effect to it. Recommend for those who loves cool and gradient effect.

12 new debuting colors of Hologlam Summer Fling Collection:-

Thanks for the manicure session for making my nails look beautiful. Love the bright and cheerful color with matte-finish effect.

What colors on my nails?
  • Strong Adhesion, Base Coat 
  • Avant Garden Collection, Fancy Pants Color (Purpleish-Blue)
  • Prismatic Chroma Glitters Collection, Ray Diant (*index finger)
  • Seche Clear, Top Coat (for glittery nail)
  • Seche Collage (little decoration on my middle finger) 
  • Matte Magic, Matte Top Coat

Camwhore-ing time while waiting others done their manicure...

Show off nails with Jiawun

With Agnes, China Glaze staff. Hahahha... Feel like award ceremony. 

Still playing with Cindy and Jiawun. XD

Lastly, a group shot with bloggers and C.G staff. Bubbling the summer with laughter and fun. :)


  1. The Avant Garden collection are colorful. Will suit your taste :D

  2. Nice meeting you there! Why is my head so long like an alien! hahahaa!

  3. Hahaha... I never did anything on our picture except adjusting brightness.. lol