Sunday, April 7, 2013

Wechat Launch Party

          I chat, You chat, Jom WeChat!! 

WeChat as Weixin in China, one of the hottest social mobile communication apps in Malaysia, has officially been launched in Malaysia. WeChat is an apps that completely free to download, powerful mobile communication tool with lotsa functions such as text messages, sending voice, video and photo.

WeChat not only works on iOS and Android, but also on Windows Phone, Symbian & Blackberry devices too. Sound great right?

Recently, WeChat had just gather up all media and bloggers at Neverland, Kuala Lumpur to shared out this great news. Wechat has also released three TV commercials in Bahasa Malaysia promoting the app and its features by two brand ambassadors, Shaheizy Sam and Lisa Surihani for WeChat Malaysia.

Officially brand ambassadors, Shaheizy Sam and Lisa Surihani.

Basically I am using WeChat as my social communication tool. I am super love the funny emoji on WeChat especially  and , both are my favorite emoji when I am trying to annoying my friends lol. My babe also get invited to WeChat launch party so we have some funny conversation on WeChat, as we always connected using this app.

This is my style when I'm on social chatting, very sampat yet love to use broken english and bahasa rojak. Chillax max!!

Me at WeChat launch party at Neverland, KL. 
Another big party gather lots of bloggers other than Nuffnang Birthday Bash, hehe...

Wechat's Photobooth!! 
Luckily, we were arrive earlier so we don't have to line up waiting for our turns to play this.

Our WeChat photobooth's picture. I love the emoticon photo booming as border.

Oh yeah!! DOMINO'S PIZZA Malaysia has become one of the major local firms corporate with WeChat. Domino's Pizza having RM1 for 1 regular pizza, interested? Click HERE 

Everyone is enjoying the show and eating too lol. What a crowd place that night. :D

Hot chicks!!! Leng luuii sao mm sao kao arr? lol
The QR Code was a group for live chatting that night. The biggest group ever on my WeChat and everyone was non stop spamming there :D

Of course me are one of them!! Busy live chatting while checking out messages from my friends too.

The rabbitto's spammer is me. Always love the funny and silly acting from rabbitto (the emoticon name's I have called) .  

Selca of me with WeChat sticker. Jom WeChat!! :D

Many cute little WeChat cupcakes!! A yummy cupcake but taste too sweet for me :(

I want installed the WeChat sugar sticker into my eye!! 
Haven't finished my foods while already busy taking dessert as well hahahahahaa....

Okay!! Another selca of me with WeChat cupcake. Self-extreme essences are too strong at the moment. Really? Lol

Yup!! Is too strong!! Someone photo booming into my selca picture :D

Vivian Chua, local singer who had won in a singing competition called '終極天王' and  '超级星光大道7' in Semi Quarter Final. She has an amazing voice.

Ice breaking session between mcee with Henley Hii and Vivian Chua. The mcee is funny!!


Vivian Chua, local singer who had won in a singing competition called Project Superstar.

Awi Rafael entertaining the crowd. 

Game session time!!! Spot the  laughing girl, AkiJAy. A new friend I made that night. :)

Congratz to them who won amazing prize back. :D

Another gaming session, this time the prize was an iPad.

Everyone is excited to won the iPad back. :)

Gongratz Fayse, the winner won an iPad back. Btw, I help him to won by pointing the answer on live chat wall. So pround of myself leh, hahahahahaha...... 

Camwhoring spamming time

With blogger bestie, Amelie. Spot my new buy baby, Casio TR100. :D

With AkiJay, she so friendly and nice to meet you :D

Another selca with AkiJay. Seem we have same posing here, lol. V(≧v≦)

Another camwhore picture. Girls are love to camwhore all the time #girlfact

Another lagi with AkiJay. Okay, I know I know stop camwhoring with same people aldy but a leng luii leh... why not? hahahahaha

With Cindy Tong. We met at some of events before but yet both us too shy to said 'Hi'. 
Did you voted her at Big Blog Exchange? Go voted now!!

With Dareen from Nuffnang. I look awkward and weird in this photo. Nevermind, coz is leng zaii so I still post out this picture ahahahahahahaa. Problem? 

With weiweihor, the lengluii!!! I bet you guys mostly knew who is her? 
The famous people on facebook and instagram. Go stalk now!! lol

When I back to home, my brother spot me hugging a WeChat pillow so he was asking me where did I get those stuff? So I told him I went to WeChat Launch Party lar, then he replied me that he is also WeChat's fans too because he love 'shake shake' function looking for weird stuff. He sumore mentioned this apps will found funny people that make you burst laugh by just looking on their profile picture. By the way, he never allow me to use this due for safety but I sometime will 'shake shake' too when I get boring. lol

A favorite function of my friend, 'Drift Bottle'. She said when she mood no no, she will records her emotion into the bottle and throw it out. You can also pick up the bottle and heard from what other people said too. The best part is no one will knows you, definitely an anonymous so no worry if someone get your bottle. :D

Th function I love the most, 'Moments'. Sharing the latest status on moments board and let's friend get updated about myself. I will post here whenever I only want my close friends to know my latest updated.

Having great fun that night and gonna ending this post by a selca photo of me. Spot my messy room especially my wardrobe. Just finish searching for clothes that time. Lol
Anyway, bye bye!!


  1. Tks babe for linking me n my BBE. Appreciate it a lot! Great write up with all the example! Great job!

  2. Welcome babe. You're deserved it. :D