Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Shu Eumura OB Party

Oh my god!! I believe I am the last person who blog about Shu Eumura OB Party since every related bloggers had already updated. Sorry sorry especially Tammy, the lovely girl (not longer very soon, hehehe) who invited me to this awesome party.

Thanks Illy for this amazing picture.  

The party is about the new OB Sakura Collection 2013 from Shu Eumura. It's all about pastel and dreamy color sumore with four different cute princesses as packaging. How can't these don't touch my heart? My pocket money become empty now.

My make up of the day. Seriously this is my first time EVER wore pink/colorful  eye shadow other than earth colors and dressed in a very 'girly' outfit. Erm... I mean more feminine and pinkish cute. Just read more my posts and you will know my fashion style... definitely not into here... But since is Tammy, a favorite blogger I want to meet in a long time, so I crazy searched any outfit could makes me looks like a princess to match the dress-code of the day: Princess Looks.  

Me & Tammy acting lady here, muahahahahaha.....
She super friendly and talkative in real. That's why I love her (not fawning arr!!!)

A guestbook to record all bloggers footprint. I met awesome bloggers at the event but yet me too shame to communicated with them. How can they're so friendly and not social awkward arr? 
Teach me please >.< (only throw away the social awkward only lolololololol....)

Yummy desserts as a warm welcoming.

Pastel macaroons to match the theme of the day. Princesses really enjoyed this cutie.

Newest collection, OB Sakura Collection 2013 featuring with four different princesses, Ocean (Blue), Moon(Yellow), Sakura (Pink) and Forest (Green). The packaging is too cute!!

Whole collection set comes with base, new falshies, cleansing oils, eye shadows and lipsticks. I love the flashies, got gem one... 

I just hope to grab all the collection back. >.<

Sakura Princess, the princess I'm impersonated on that day although I neo I am failed. T.T

Beautiful eye shodows!! I bought the sky blue and lavender colors, although I believe I am not wearing it outside. Nevermind, I can syok sendiri at home and post it to here #lol #girlfact

The highest compliments cleansing oil plus the packaging was just perfect!! This is one of my favorite cleansing oil that I were admired a lot. Newbie definitely goona grab this and you will know how you fell in love with the product.

 Demonstration on how to archive cute bigger eye looks.

I love the flashies, both of them have gems on it.

Other than that, there's also best outfit competition and canvas printing as content of the event. The best part was get free consultant from Shu Eumura's make-up artist or beauty adviser for my best look. Love it.

She reminds me of SailorMoon. :D

Congratz to Alicia who won the best outfit as Ocean princess. *clap clap clap
She deserved it because she sewed the dress by herself. Omo!!! I still can't believe she did this amazing job.

Beautiful color shadows.

Shu Eumura Skincare Line.

This make-up base is awesome!!! Thinking of getting one for myself. Hmmm.....

Tammy also celebrated her's birthday too. Happy Belated Birthday Tammy.
Sorry for not singing birthday song at that day due my personal reason can't bump into any birthday celebration (*sad max). Anyway, stay happy and younger forever.

Me as Sakura Princess. Chubby me >.<

By the way, Shu Uemura is collaborate with two of the hottest fashion stylists bloggers (Cheesie & fourfeetnine) who has started a Japanese inspired webstore called Foruchizu. Stand a chance to win one of four princess outfits especially handpicked by them! Visit Shu Eumura fb's page for more :  http://bit.ly/shuxob_contest

Lastly, a group photo with bloggers. 
Nice to meet you all. Is my honor get to know all of you :D



  1. my first time meeting you <3 how memorable *Wink*Wink*

  2. Ya. The first time we met and I know u are a awesome friend I will made. :D

  3. You look so lovely, pretty and one more thing, I LOVE YOUR HAIR COLOUR SO MUCH!!

  4. @Wiida Ribbon, thanks dear. :D

  5. @Mr.Lovely, sound likes cincai aje...