Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Popcorn Cake

Let me tell you a story. Once upon a time.... Okay lar... I'm overstate... Is one day when I am still having a sweet evening nap, suddenly I got a message from Cake Homemade congratz me that I am won a cake whether a flower pot cake or popcorn cake as an option. Of course!! Very obviously, I had chosen a popcorn cake.

Thanks Cake Homemade for giving me this super cute popcorn cake. They make custom cake according to you personalization and offer delivery service too. Guys, surprising your 'VIP' with just a cake. They sure will super mad happy one!!

So, I met them at KLCC to take the cake. The box doesn't fit the height of the cake so yeah... it's pop out and sooooooo..... attention grabbing whenever people had pass with this cake and some of them asking me where I bought this cute cake. It's make me got more face. lololololololol.....

The cute popcorn cake. This cake reminds me an American reality television series,  Carlo's Bakery of Cake Boss. If you had watch it, I bet you guys will understand the making of the cake. Simple explanation, a normal cake cover by sugar paste. What is sugar paste? Search on youtube. :D

No doubt. The popcorn are real, just like what we had bought at cinema lol

Capture with led light and clear background. Just wan to show the detail of the cake.

The favorite part, the tickets!!! Head over to Cake Homemade to see more beautiful cakes.

I love the baker even cut and paste the word one by one. 

So, here's the inner part. A butter cake. Yummy but sweet enough for me. Perhaps you can low down the sugar level and choose you favorite favor cake if you're interested to order.

If you worry about this cake only looks better but taste suck? Based from my review, the cake is so soft and yummy for me. Different people different opinion. :D

Go to their facebook page for more beautiful cake,


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Ending this post with some of my selca with the cake. I think you guys already realize something happen with my hair. Teehee.... :D


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