Sunday, March 17, 2013


The Freedom

I called this card, "The Freedom" because yes!!!!! We can buy whatever things we like without headache lacking of money.

I am using bright background (open image in new tab) with four different colors, blue(sky) , yellow(sunset) , plum(sunset&land) and green(land) to show nature of youth. Everyone have born to be youth, is a nature process of life.

The images I had drew was a growing heart with birds flying. The heart is to shows the passionate, appearance, freshness, vigor, spirit and characteristic. Other than that, the growing's heart which is represented we are on the process of growing, , the time of life between childhood and adulthood, start to getting mature but still childlike inside, with positive unrestrained life onward. If you're wondering, there was a black bird standing there is to show we actually a side of hesitate, worry and mysterious that we actually do not show out to public.

The birds are represented that we have truly freedom because childhood was been keeping attention from parents and elders while adult has the responsibility and limits when doing a thing. The birds also represented the energy and motivation.

So the concept behind of this design is to showing out every youth peoples naturally growing process of frame of mind, which I called it "The Freedom".

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