Sunday, March 17, 2013


Mr.Matte Black

The concept behind of this design was back to classic but yet classy. Even tough youth should be energetic  bright and playful but somehow we still love premium and exclusive. I think a credit card is the symbolize of status, from Classic to Silver to Gold to Platinum to Black Platinum, and I bet most of teenagers would take important about this because human are take serious in 'air muka' (face) including me.

My design for this credit card look is matte black color, not shine black, with word geometric. I am choosing matte black as the background color because this color having a dull or lusterless surface, without a shine that keep in low profile but yet attractive. Therefore I called this design, "Mr.Matte Swipe", using word 'U' as symbolize of bank name with geometrical lines to show systematic and efficiency of the bank. Beside, there's an opacity time clock behind the word, meaning that money actually can buy time if we do spend smartly, example: Wish to buy a new smart compact system camera but do not want to spend all saving money in one time and wallet money was not thick enough, so credit card is the tool makes our life easier without worry those problems.

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