Sunday, March 10, 2013

Churp2 CNYChurpOut

Now is the time to clear all Chinese New Year post since now is March already (one more CNY's post to go after this). Thanks @Churp2 for the invited to Lou Sang event with others Churpies too at @Vault Wine Bistro, Golmac Damansara. You should head over there if you're love the aroma of wine!!  

I had won myself a limited edition Churp2 pendrive and a pair of complimentary movie pass. Yay!! I can watch any movie I'd like without paying any single cents except popcorn lol.

Wanna start earning by just TWEETING?
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Churp Churp also has created an app to makes our life easy peasy but it's not yet officially releases. However, you can search ChurpChurp in app store if you wish to have a try, not android app yet and this explain why Churp's app has not officially launching yet.

A selca of me with Churp2 sticker. :D
Join our group now!!!

This is my first time attending event with Churpies, because I am more active on Nuffnang. Although Churp and Nuffnang are in a same company but they do their own activities. The different among Churpies and Nuffnies are Churpies do active on social networks at live event compares with Nuffnies, lol. They all spread virus tweeting everywhere makes me become one of the victim never leave my phone on twitter and instagram haha. Btw, I need to thanks to them helping me won a free movie tickets. Arigato....

#CNY ChurpOut at Vault Wine Bistro, Golmac Damansara.

'Lou Sang' is a must when we did celebrating Chinese New Year because it's mean of abundance (sounds like abuden for me lol *joke),  prosperity and vigor. I am having lotsa fun 'lou sang-ing' with churpies. They are crazy buddies, having fun, smiling, laughing together even stirred the 'Yu Sheng' excitedly sumore threw to Churpies opposite them. Yes!!! I am the one who be subject to.

The big 'Yu Sheng'.

Every Churpies stirred like mad. Stirred like no tomorrow.

Spot people smile faces in the photo and a thing that common most of everyone habits now, gadget never leaves hand!!

Of course, game section is a must to breaks the ices among all Churpies. Joined, failed, lame jokes, and get laughed. :D I'm the one who joined then failed (in a game), no jokes (social awkward *crossfingers) and get laughed by other's lame jokes. But I won in two categories, one was in group and one was instagram. Of course, I'm #igers #instagrammer #instagramhub #instagood #blogger #thechencyDOTcom #......... till picture's caption to the end of limits *wtf  I start to throw this habit instead of feeling likes spamming and the result was better than tons of #hashtag =.=" Damn!!!

Leng Lui hor? Lol

On playing game....

A group picture with Churpies who had won including me lar.... 
SEE!!! My real face!!!! How do you think? Don't tell me... Not going to know it, poor me. Haha XD

Another section of games. Some were listening, some were tweeting or instagramming, some busy checking awesome photos, and some busy snapping photo.... like me.... Hehehehehe...

Actually I had joined this game but I failed because I'm really awkward playing this in front of Churpies sumore wore skirt that thinking might be... you know! The other reason that myself admitted too, I'm suck!! 

A group selca with friend and Churpie. :D

Eating time!!!! I skipped my lunch because this but me eat no no, over-laughed and started getting tired. But I did enjoyed their wine very well. A wine fans but only drinking perhaps one quarter of glass? Although I love to order alcohol drinks but only drinking few drops instead of saying little. I swear never drunk for third time in my entire life. Few drops are enough fulfill my alcohol's lust.

Snapping foodies are one of the hottest trends. Are you the one too? I am.

Friend, Amelie and me.

The chio picture of myself with my food and glass of wine. I love my hairstyle in here. :D

So almost come to the end but not yet because you still haven't scroll down your mouse to view the last picture of me, lol. A group pictures with Churpies and I did had fun with them. :D

Okay this is the end of the picture which means the end of this post. A clear picture of mine seem above me pictures lighting were not clear enough. 

So.......... BYE!!!
See you. :D


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