Wednesday, February 20, 2013

CNY 2013

Hello, Chinese New Year was end.

It's time to hard working for my studies because I am going to graduate this year so I should keep more eyes on.

Just a simple recap back what I did on CNY since just once time a year.

How's your CNY? My CNY was abit dull but I still happy because I sicked!! Nay!!!! How lucky am I!!! This sicky really makes me so upside down start from last year December till now. It's too seldom, few days feeling great then the next few days feeling sick, continuing till now..... Serious hell no joke!! Went to doctor no matter private or goverment, I was just like a doctor treat myself. Walao ehh!!! Nowadays doctors very free lor except surgeons. Asking what are my problems and give according to what I spoke. fxck.jpg

So, I am feeling well at the first three days of CNY and then unwell for next three days then again feeling quite okay for the rest of CNY. This explain why my friends ajak me pai nian and hang out, I rejected. Even siblings visiting me also no going. This makes no point why I damn excited for CNY!!!

So here's some insta-foto during CNY:-

The New Year's Eve('s) looks - NIAN SAN SHI WAN
I really love my transparent baseball jacket and big round vintage sunnies. I had won in gambling and I gave all those money to my lil bro since he really wanted it.

The second day of CNY - CHOR YATT
Actually this is a devil beanie but it's doesn't show in here. I love my eye make up of the day and my signature bold crayon sin chan eyebrow. This is how's everyone compliment.

The 3rd day of CNY - CHOR YII
The neon looks of me with retro vintage flip-up sunnie. This is my favorite outfit among all. The looks of the day also quite mature I found after I view back my photo.

Eye make-up and my signature bold crayon sin chan eyebrow looks. Anyway, I am wearing 3 tone puffy grey here. The dramatic eyecons.

My pet, Handsome (小帅). I also bought him new clothes and see how happy he was. 
The other things was this picture won shutterbug competition in instagram. *clap clap claps.....

My other pet, Pretty (小美). She wearing hot red cheong sam. How elegant she is.... lol....

The forth day of CNY - CHOR SAM
No makeup except eyebrow on, on the way back to hometown and selca in the car photoboomed by Handsome. I love this photo!!

The fifth day - CHOR SEII
The day I started feeling unwell and then I had no more mood to dress up myself. How cute was my niece when he sat on the floor eating cup noodle while watching cartoon. I found he is cup-noodle freak. O.O

No valentines this year but birthday yes yes. Don't be fool, my niece are not the birthday boy but my uncle are the real birthday man. He blow the candle for first time and light up again for my niece blow. You know kids love blowing birthday candle.

The seventh day - CHOR FIVE
The happy women among all of us, my mum (in purple). She always excited during CNY cause she can meets back all relatives and cooking together just like gathering. Heart-warming.

My sticky son. He sticks me anytime everywhere even when I went to bathroom he non-stop dig the door crying letting him inside. He seems like enjoying here.

My neon socks and studded shoes. I love this combination.
The seventh day- CHOR LOKK
Lou sang lou sang. The most traditional lou sang no like others restaurant's lou sang, full of color pigment that makes me to scare to eat them.

After lou sang, fireworks time. In hometown, fireworks released non-stop like fireworks competition. 

The eight day - CHOR CHAT
Went back to city life and take a rest to restore my health.

My simple Chinese New Year celebration.
Till then.....

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