Thursday, February 28, 2013

Free Ma Chérie Shampoo & Conditioner Sample

Ma Chérie is finally step in Malaysia. 
Grab your sample right now! Click here

Attractive pink girly packaging with sweetlicious formula, finally in Malaysia and they are giving away free samples to try before we buy!! So caring right? 

Just simple ways to get the samples & Ma Chérie will post it to you.

How to get your sample for free?

Giveaway requirements:
1) Like us on facebook fan page.
2) Share this great news to your friends and family.
3) Complete a simple survey and fill in your personal details on the link given below.
Ma Chérie Malaysia (Click here to fill in details)
4) Just leave a comment here once you have done.

That's all. Just sit back and wait to receive your sample.

* No purchase or payment is necessary to enter this giveaway.
* Limited to 1200 units. First come first served.
* Only for Malaysian Citizen.

Reminder: Please grab it asap before it's out of stock. Sweet cheer :D

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Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Hello gals~~ I get quite lots of emails asking me to post out Vivi version if could other than Popteen magazine scan. So here is it!! Hope you guys enjoy, thanks and keep scrolling down because Vivi Magazine is superpictureheavy.jpg

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Monday, February 25, 2013

Cure Aqua Gel

Hi lovely, I had an exciting news to share with you guys.

CURE NATURAL AQUA GEL is finally arrive in MALAYSIA. weeee~~~

The best selling facial exfoliant aqua gel with one bottle sold every 12 secs in Japan!!! No doubt, the truth!! AND NOW *drumroll.... drumroll.... CURE IS AVAILABLE IN MALAYSIA TOO!!!!!! OMO!! OMO!!

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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Clarisonic Mia 2

Finally, I quickly close my eye and throw my money to Sephora for this thingy, Clarisonic Mia 2 in Limited Edition Red Wine. This freaking gadget costs nearly 600 bucks after 10% discount from collecting 250 points. The actual prize is about RM700++.

When my friend told me that she bought this gadget but in baby pink version only for RM530 (collected 250 points and get 10% discount too). I feel being fooled after I heard this so I get back to Sephora and meet my personal consultant (yes!!! PERSONAL because everytime I went there she is the one served me #lol) told me my red wine color is limited edition so of course price will be higher than others. I am freaking speechless. =.="

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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Neon Addict-tor

Neon is awesome!! Attention-Grabbing is awesome!!! I love wore clothes that special and makes everyone turns their head back just to spot the thingy I wore or brought with only two types, amazed praise or bitch criticizer. thefactoflife.jpg

I had to said Neon colors do some magic to me. Whenever I saw neon piece I could never leave my sight from them, except sucks design. So here are some of my favorite outfit of neon pieces.

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Tickling My Tastebuds

Where to eat? Pick-me-up

An ice tower that really attracts people to order once steps into the shop because of the colorful combination with three different flavors of ice, blueberry, mango and strawberry separated by vanilla ice-cream with side-dishes of pearls, taro balls, mango and nata de coco. Fruity Tower Shaved Ice could be share for two or more folks but for myself, I definitely can finish this my own because this yummie really heart(ed) me. The tasted akin to having fruit syrup in iced form. Beside that, the vanilla ice-cream akin act a like cream not ice-cream. Perhaps the taste has been covered by the ice. The best method to taste all flavors in one time is shave from bottom to top paired with choice of side-dishes. Whenever a scoop was put into my mouth, the chewy of taro balls or pearls with not so sweet and sour fruit's ice makes me feels like I am playing at a colorful bubble playground accompany with cute little monsters, it's fresh and fun.  


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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

CNY 2013

Hello, Chinese New Year was end.

It's time to hard working for my studies because I am going to graduate this year so I should keep more eyes on.

Just a simple recap back what I did on CNY since just once time a year.

How's your CNY? My CNY was abit dull but I still happy because I sicked!! Nay!!!! How lucky am I!!! This sicky really makes me so upside down start from last year December till now. It's too seldom, few days feeling great then the next few days feeling sick, continuing till now..... Serious hell no joke!! Went to doctor no matter private or goverment, I was just like a doctor treat myself. Walao ehh!!! Nowadays doctors very free lor except surgeons. Asking what are my problems and give according to what I spoke. fxck.jpg

So, I am feeling well at the first three days of CNY and then unwell for next three days then again feeling quite okay for the rest of CNY. This explain why my friends ajak me pai nian and hang out, I rejected. Even siblings visiting me also no going. This makes no point why I damn excited for CNY!!!

So here's some insta-foto during CNY:-

The New Year's Eve('s) looks - NIAN SAN SHI WAN
I really love my transparent baseball jacket and big round vintage sunnies. I had won in gambling and I gave all those money to my lil bro since he really wanted it.

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Saturday, February 9, 2013


Dong dong dong chang~ Dong dong dong chang~

Wuhoo!!! Finally Chinese New Year is arrive!!! Totally feels peace now because I am not the one in the tragic unmovable traffic jam to hometown, I am going celebrate at town.... the silent town now... #lol

I'm always smile-wide welcome-ing CNY but when celebrating, I was just like 'Dude!!! I am boring nia!!!'

My mummy who is the one really enjoyed this festive because hers relatives are back, like siblings gathering. Probably don't even understand this feeling, wait me and my siblings get marry first.


so we don't give a fuck to this year Valentines. We plan to snooker, swimming, gym, movie and karaoke sessions (listen to my little cute bro sing and get laugh like no tomorrow. haha)

and because we just treat this case likes easy-pesy....

This is what I responded her, "Hey mum!! I am 20 now, he (my big bro) is only 23 and he (my 2nd bro) only 21.... and this guy(my little bro who still haven't graduate from primary school) is the most possible to get marry earlier than us *joke. You're starting to worry us not getting 'double'? This is ridiculous!!! If you want me to marry now then I go find a guy and having sex with him then get pregnant, and then your wish will come true. Do you really hope so? c'mon......"

Yup, this is how I speak to my mum. Not rude but fact.
I definitely not the one want to marry asap and get unsafely warranty promise by Fiancé for take care me forever. Marriage is like buying stocks, need to looks carefully before get deal and this will effects you forever.


So NO CHOCOLATE (nvm I had bought KitKat), NO FLOWER (looking at my mum's plant), NO CARING & LOVE (what is that? is that a food?) Haha.

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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Seventh Feb

MIA for about one week and finally I am back to home!!! Wwweeeee.....
By the way, hello lovely~~

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Sunday, February 3, 2013


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