Thursday, January 3, 2013

Recap of 2012

Ohai ohai~
Always giving excuse for myself to delay my blogging.

First of all I want to said Happy New Year 2013,wishing you guys have a super awesome great luck life in this new year~

Did you guys already marks down the resolution of 2013?
If not, mark down right now as your year target archive.

Finally I have time to write my very first blogpost in 2013 because I just finished my blasting my celebration #lol #likeaboss. I also just finished my examination and start my holidays now. Gonna shops for my Chinese New Year stuff now. #lol

Recap of my past 2012:-

1. Im'ma turns to a pet freak
Honestly, haven't introduce my pets in a proper way. I have three doggies in my house, one daughter, Pretty (小美) and two sons, Handsome & Dydy (小帅“肥肥” & 迪迪).

Pretty is one and half years which type of Minister Pinscher while Handsome is almost 1 year old (11th Jan is his birthday) and Dydy is about 11 months (born in Valentine's Day) which are type of Toy Poddle.

Handsome was born in a rich big family (my friend's pet's mummy) therefore, gonna make a big birthday party and invites all his sibling which are highly pure bread of Toy Poddle including Handsome himself and let's him has a superblast party.

2. Blog Layout & Stats

I love design blog theme. Whenever, I finish decorated my blog theme, a lovely feeling will appeared summore when readers giving compliment on it. The feels was like when you're archive on a highest level.

The others thing, the stats was higher and automatically my blog started earning more and get sponsored. Gladly, I am so happy to blogging now and I promised not only for influence but my passionate about blogging. Thanks Nuffnang and some privates sponsored giving me opportunity to join you guys. Perhaps I will join a new club in this year.

Anyway, I attended alot of events by Nuffnang and more. I'm appreciated it and hope become not so awkward when socialize with others. Open your mouth Chency!!!

3. Big Bang's Concert in Malaysia

Went to Big Bang's concert was superb awesome and I really hope that the moment never stop forever in my life but reality never allowed me to do so. Perhaps I will go to Golden Disk Award in this upcoming January which is happening very very soon. The only regret was 2NE1 cancelled their concert. Super duper sad. Nvm, I know that day will coming very soon too. lol

4. Ass-Assignments

Seriously, my life never complete without those assignments. Burning till midnight, sometime next morning. Fresh things to learnt and get experiences due from lots of inspired people. I hate assignment but on the other view point, its makes me grow alot and trying to remind me that I should start my real independent life very very soon. So sad!! This year I become third year senior which is the oldest one. Omo!! Omo!! No way!!

I think only these four really make me memorable. Doesn't mean that others were not but these four really change me lot!!

I start trying to sleep as early I could so I would like to end my post now. I will mark down my resolution of 2013 on upcoming post. Happy New Year guys~ :D


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