Friday, January 4, 2013

My Resolution

New Year, New Hope, of course New Target...

They're some target I really hope can be archive within this year.

1) Diet!!! Prettier!! Thin!!!
I wish my weight can archive what I always wish to reach. Hope myself take seriously about this case.

2) Jump out from AWKWARD BOX
I am social awkward especially when i attend event or meet stranger. Hope myself try to be confident more.

3) Blogging more
I always giving myself excuses to blogging late. I still haven't finish blog out my 2012 momento and 2013 de momento still waiting me to blog out. Omg!!! I should hardworking more.

4) Earn more
This is everyone wish too. Earn more for a better life. Have a plan but now I still cant tell you guys. Let's it become more mature first before introduce to you guys. Other than that, attending more events and receive more sponsor post.

5) Play Hard, Eat Hard
Wish to travel to other country. I wish I could beg traveling and snap all great photo pictures of every culture and momento. The other thing is eat all yum yum stuff but hope fat not coming visiting me.

6) Graduation of Diploma
Phew!!! Last year of my diploma. I become the third year of senior. Don't know should be good or no. I wish I can proudly end my diploma with high greed. Jia you!!!

I think no more for now... Work hard to archive what I want for this year. So how about you guys? Mark down now if you haven't. In a meantime, remember this word 'chill la' while you're stressing yourself.

Work Hard, Play Hard too.
Happy New Year. ✌

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