Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I-Square Station


Quickly updated about what recent I scrolling....
Perhaps you can skip this part or scroll down if you're not into this. #peace

My friends always thought me is a rich girl because they always saw me checking many places in my Foursquare. Perhaps I look like a party girl, without hang out I sure will die on my bed but I still have something secret thing to rush on, okay?!?!

Anyway, I rejected quite alot of jobs because I want put more efforts and concentrate on my family business and secret project (will be launching very soon *maybe). But you still can contact me (refer from left sidebar) if you have really interesting jobs for me as freelance or part-time. Why not? As long as the jobs that is suitable for me. #lol


Erm.... Feel very paishe to updating about an event that I attended on December last year.

Have you heard about I-Square?
I-Square is a shop that compartmentalize the retail store into various boxes/spaces of varying sizes, called I-Space. I-Square offer spaces for you to display your products while letting you continue with your busy life. These are rented out to entrepreneurs that are keen to promote and sell their products under a new and cutting-edge retail concept.

A new multi concept stores with many blog/facebook shops that sells their stuff over there like:-

- Agape Boutique
- Peep Boutique
- Momoko wardrobe
- Summerlara
- Chalotte Katy
- Cozen
- Vina Boutique
- De Armoire
- Luciffer wardrobe
- Mirror fashion gallery
- Verdez Olivia
- Japzjewel
- Dressing without stress
- Little zakka
- Vogue Maison
- De Mille
- Marimo Club
- Project Swissify

Address: 3rd floor, Parkamaya Concept Floor, Fahrenheit88. 

Till then

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  1. I wannabe you ! Haha always go to cool and awesome places. Jealous much !