Friday, January 18, 2013

5 things make my day

Hello lovely.

Can't believe myself woke up early than usual since I am having my holidays now. My friends start attacking me saying that Im'ma lazy worm for not finding a part-time job or anything to do to fill up my holidays.

Yes?!?! My dreamjob is be a sui lai lai (married rich women)  ╮(╯▽╰)╭
I have things to do lo... I need to wake up every early morning and follow my brother learning for business, okay?!?! Sometime my bro almost on fire when I tersleep almost everyday in average. This job even want me to dress very politely and back to dark hair. It's hard to me because I love everything from attractive colorful fancy into grey tone life. So don't judge me... I don't even get my salary pun. (╯﹏╰)

The 5 things that make my day now. Simple enough~ Guess what?

1. Biore UV Aqua Spf50+ Watery Essences
The sunblock that is cheap and super useful for me sumore non-sticky at all. I use this as my makeup base when I having my makeup because it's doesn't makes my face oily under sunshine plus with high spf protected.

2. Maybeline BB Clear Stick
Light coverage, powdery and shine free. This stick like all in one, concealer+foundation+powder matte. Easy, fast and control my oil without smudging. This is the best cosmetic ever when my brother waiting me like no tomorrow.

3. Chanel Watches
Currently favorite watches from my brother. It's just to classy for everywhere as fashion and reminder for myself back to home as soon as possible because I'm a late cat. =.="

4. K-Palette Lasting 2Way Eyebrow (Honey Brown 02)
The first cosmetic gift from my mum. Omo!! I just realize my mum never bought me a cosmetic. She did not make up except important event to attended. She always grab my cosmetic to use because she knew that I have alot of capalang cosmetics. =.=" Anyway, this eyebrow pen liner + powder was super love and easy to use sumore waterproof and anti-smudging.

5. Gameboy + Handphone + Camera
This thingy is a must for me no matter where am I even in bathroom #lol. This always kill my time when I am waiting my brother busy his thing and completely ignore me. Social-chat with my eight-march bitches in car and end up vomit not in car but stop on the side road and bluuuuueeeeekkkkkk.......
My bro geleng dan garu his kepala ╮(╯▽╰)╭

Gonna sign out and start preparing myself for work.
Bubye... (∩_∩)

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