Thursday, December 27, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Note II Smart School

Ola peeps... How's ya Christmas?

Happy to the max or opposite?!?! or Just like usual?
No worry... One more moment to go before ending the year of 2012.

Guess what? I think you should know lol, the last day of this year...
Trying to plan well this time if you miss crazy Christmas. Hehehehehehe....

Okay, belated post again this time.
I just going too crazy busy for last few months ago plus I need to unblock my email address which I had sent my event photo pictures (this one) to there but unfortunately I'm still haven't fix my hacking email address therefore related photo pictures for this post was only few including my selca. Sorry guys.

Oppa Chency's Style. 
Opening post by my own selca.
Ohhhss.... Fatty Lady...

I went to Samsung Galaxy Note II Smart School like about on November?!?! #wtf I even forgot the exact date of the event. But nevermind, at least I still had a passion heart to blog about it, right? Perhaps.... Lol

Kindly to voice out that I am not a promoter, therefore I am not selling or saying goods about Samsung Galaxy Note II but I sure that everyone already know how's amazingly this thingy impacts you guys. For people who using it, then you will kinda agree with me. *givemefive

Of course, no technology will be in good use if one has not learn how to use them. No one loves to read instruction books unless you have an expert friend or someone who works in Samsung company. Did you know Samsung Galaxy Note II has come with quite alot of shortcut functions for quick command, which really save your work once you hang with your phone.

I have to said that S.G Note II in marble white is prettier than titanium gray. Perhaps the cupid doesn't shoot accurate to my heart lol. Anyway, I using titanium gray when I was at the event.

I not going to explore too much about S.G Note II because I start getting sleepy now and I don't purpose to do so. Just going to get one to exploring yourself, lol.

What I'd like about it was the Multi-Window which can be open two applications in one time. Just imagine you watch youtube while you're sms-ing or weChat with your friends. Save time while waiting to get reply from you friend.

The others was the screen. The screen is the main point that makes me really wanna grab myself one to play so I don't need to bring dslr, phone and iPad/S.G Tab every time I hanged out. Sorry lo, gadget fever ma.... Other than that, no need to talk more about their camera.... 8.0 megapixel rear for back and 1.9 megapixel for front. Somehow, the cons about the camera function was the photo pictured was abit grayscale compare with iPhone.

The last one.... the 'S' pen.\?!?!  There's many shortcut functions from the pen. Air-view function I don't think will explore more since this is the most basic one but did you know other functions like pressing the button on the pen will automatic screenshot, calling and more....

Find out more by yourself about Samsung Galaxy Note II. Teehee....

My eyes are heavier so I'll end my post here by saying GoodNight, Sleep Tight. 

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