Monday, December 10, 2012

Ma's Tranformation

One of my old picture that I did not post up online.
Let this be the beginning of this post.

Give me verbiage abit bit first before I start the topic.

I do not know what the hell happen to my flash software. >.< 
It's just suddenly become blank stage and every functions did not when I export to swf file. #omfg I need to reinstall again my software and please no more weird msg pop out.
Please please please.....
*ignore this if you did not know what the hell I'm talking about. just make this as blablabla

...while waiting for re-installing flash software, I opened my hardisk to edit some picture for next blogpost. When i browsed folder's album, I found alot of old pictures of mine selca.

All those pictures recall me for the first time when I started to learnt make-up and selca with my very first camera handphone #sonyericson... not smartphone... #lol

This makes me brust laugh in front of my laptop like a silly girl because I've see how well actually me change from time to time.

Crappy make up, mature style, very front head posses (almost only head will shown in frame =.="), using front hair as face contour when I still haven't get a very professional beauty editor (photoshop), noisy picture and more... then uploaded tons of selca to facebook and gets only a like. #wtf

I think most of girls also did the same things like I did before... right?  perhaps... #lol

Using hair as face contour before I had the very professionalization editor (photoshop).
No liquify and bigger eye only effect I played that time. 
Hmmm..... I getting fake now....

The photo pictures that I start getting fame in my old facebook page which was already 'deleted' and create a new one. 
Don't know why me so stupid going to deleted the old and start again with new fame. =.="

A picture that showed me as a rocker/punker

Did you something hanging under my mouth?
This is a connected earing which connecting to my mouth. 
Yes!!! Which means I had pierced 1 under my mouth and 8 each for my ear. #OMFG

But anyway, I only can wear one pair of earing for now because the other holes were closed for about one and more year I think....

After graduated, my very first hair color!! THE BLONDE!!! 
I thinking to have this color again but much more lighter for this Christmas. 
See first la~~~ #lol

The most 'COQUETTISH' picture ever that I browsed!!!! 
Very EWW!!!!! ....
...the very first thought when I looking back for this picture. 

The moment when I started addicted to clubbing/partying life...

...the only thing me miss is my body. 
because me getting fatter after this and now tummy looks like pregnant jiang!!!
#dieton #dieton #lol

The second hair color which is "RED"
I love this hair color because attractive can die.

And I get a nickname called, "traffic light" because ...
...yellow(blonde) -> red -> "green" hair color that most of my friends asked me when I going to get this color. =.="
Chicken friend!!! #lol

The third hair color. I think is orange but faded to light orange.

Starting not to made my face so crap by no more thick eyeliner with thickest up and bottom eyelash.
*salute to those wearing heavy makeup, "model and gyaru" because you don't know how tired they are 
so do not judge them!!!

And I back again to thick upper and lower lashes life because this makes double, triple even super bigger than my actual eye.

I still haven't had professional editor therefore I need to cheated by makeup that gave illusion for bigger eye.

....muahahahahaha!!!!! Click and click..... #duh 

I started my college life and being 'soham'. 
See... taadaa!!!

My hair colors faded more and more. I think is the ugliest hair I had in my life.
Lazy to bleach my root again and my family not really likely me had lighter hair color. 

I chopped my hair...
Changed my hair color again to raspberry red (bubble dyed by myself).
And let's my root getting long and longer....

My very natural face without edit or liquify.... Muahahahahahaha....

Another short hairstyle after I chopped my hair.
Gyaru makeup on.

Start addicted with professional selca (dummy dslr) after I viewed "Yutakis's Blog".
Checked his blog if you wonder who is him. He is so talented on "self-portrait", shortname: selca... Lolololol

Enla... Im'ma copycat but I copy and modify lol....

Taadaa.... This picture still one of my favourite.
Start posing in front of camera till no ending jiang...
My families did not understand my attitude lol.... #keliandeme

Addicted to gyaru makeup and hairstyle and I gave up very quickly because I don't want woke up two hours earlier to set hairstyle and makeup.

Again *salute to gyaru gals and DO NOT JUDGE THEM!!!

Mature and reddish lip.
The very first selca when I bought 'remote control' and 'portrait lens'.

Another favorite selca that nice attractive enough to make as profile picture on my social website.
Btw, I love this hairstyle so much....

Another version of mature and reddish lip.
Btw the full size version was on top of this blogpost.

The momento I am so addicted to fluffy fury fury thingy.

A Polaroid of me before I lost my iPhone. T.T
Sad to the max!!!!

Just feeling wanted a black hair so I dyed my hair again. #wtf =.="
Gradient of mocha color with dark choco color bottom.

And my make up start getting lighter... perhaps this picture can't really show the real makeup...

Do you spot my blue eye? Weeeeeeee........
My favorite 3 tone puffy.... So attractive can die....

The non-makeup version of myself....

And I become very very soham whenever I hang out with my friends and of course, it's depends!!!!

This picture no focus on me also. 
Stupid camera... did not know how to shoot pretty girl... Muahahahaahahahha.....

Start addicted to Korean makeup...
Korean makeup is much more harder than gyaru makeup....
It's all about invisible but visible look.... #complicated

The hairstyle that I love the most. Just thinking this style very cool. Lol

My gyaru makeup getting lighter.... No more heavy tons of makeup on eye.. Lol

My korean makeup.... 
I think no bad because only mascara on upper and lower lashes with sharp eyeliner...
Gonna discover more in future....

Bang on!!!
I need to retouch my bang every week.
This is so annoying!!!!

Btw, did you spot any color add on to my hair?
Yes!!! Yes!!!!

Is dip-dye!!!!! Pink and plum mixed together.

Don't know what to say on this picture?!?!
I just think this angle looks cool only... #lol

The lastest gyaru makeup which I love love love so muchy.
Brown lens with dollywink upper and lower lashes with super thin eyeliner.

And this is the latest me!!!!!
Selca's blogger life. 

-Bye bye-
-end post-

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