Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Fear Factor

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells
Jingle all the way
Oh, what fun it is to knock

Merry Christmas!!!

Did you guys enjoyed your Christmas Eve or still rocking Christmas Party or Peace Family Dinner?

I celebrating my Christmas with my bloggie by blogging out this super belated post. Decided to rest for today with my family and doggies, just after busy rocking my assignments and Christmas Eve party yesterday. #lol

Oh ya.... Say YAY!!! FOR THE WOLRD DID NOT END. #peaceyes

Opening post like usual, my selca photo pictures before I continue a blogpost. No else, this is my style.... and extremely self-center love human too. *givemeten

Thanks Nuffnang and Astro for giving me opportunity to attend this super awesome fun event.

Phew.... Luckily, I am not late for that day. 
I been warned by Darren (Nuffnang's Community Executive) for not be late, just one day before this event at Nuffnang office coz I went there for claimed my #NNShutterbugs14Days #BackInTime challege prize right after I attended another event with them.  
Okay lar, he was advice me with a smile meaning behind. #lol

By the way, remember to watch, Fear Factor Malaysia every Saturday, 9pm on Astro Ria (Chanel 104). 

Visit their Facebook for more > FEAR FACTOR MALAYSIA

Got myself a form to registered for safety policy in case some accidents happen. 
Anyway, I am super healthy back to home unless my stamina was in critical low. #lol #kidding

A randomness shot while I am waiting my turn to get my number band after I submitted my register form.

Taadaa!!! My number band, no.30.
I am the last participator because me too kind let others registered first. Hehehehee.... Nola... Actually they sudden bumped into the line.

Got a shirt for change and a goodies bag which was supposedly for my friend who accompany me for as supporter but my supporter busied in last minutes.
This is how I wore on that day.

Back to stage!!! Had no idea what they doing on that time. I think is wait for time to start gua...

Some sneak-peak of photo pictures while waiting to start. 

Lol. My epic face in this photo picture.

Yay!!! Bloggers were been briefing about the intro of Fear Factor challenge. 

 !!!!!GAME STARTED!!!!!

Challenges divided into four parts:-

Challenge1 - Finding marbles inside the earthworm (the picture below)

Challenge 2 - Catch five frogs and put them into other box

Challenge 3 - Find three flags in a very dark room which has alot of unknown to accompany

Challenge 4 - Rescue yourself by finding a key in snake cage 

The crew was briefing about the game.

And start!!! Could u spot what thing inside the box? 
Wanna tell?!?! NO!! NEVER!! #lol

Spot me in this photo picture?
Lol. Me like a monkey walk around looking for fresh thing while I was still waiting for my turn.

After challenge 1, we entered to a room to continued our challenges, therefore this is the monitor that showed player inside.

Do do do the DEW!!
Free flow of the day... Stomachache therefore drink nono. Sad max!! Lol

Another selca of me. 

Wuhoo!! My turn!!
Imma the last player, and they said me looks very peace when playing. 
Muahahahahaha... Awkward smile as a reply.

The photoboom section.

And this is me when I was at challenge two.
Actually my hand holding a frog but they photoshopped away coz they said should be looks nicer without the frog. Lol
I discussed with the photographer quite a moment for argue about the photoshopped away the poor frog while waiting me to enter the next challenge because I finish the task quite early. lol 
I end up pick up the frog and scare the photographer. 
Sorry lo, monkey ma....

So, the third challenge I end up quite smoothly but I failed in challenge four which it rescue myself by finding a key in a snake cage. I can't find the key on time. Sad to max!!!
By the way, the snakes are adorable.

The 'me' after failed the challenge, continue playing around while waiting for giving prizes section and the crews were preparing for Fear Factor Guess Section. Blogger Section was end right after me.

And this is the winners!!! Congratulation to the winners.
Ayam jelly sangat for them!!! 
I am not greedy, I just want an iPad because my iPad was broke right after the fourth day I bought. 
Of coz!! Being scold 99 la!!

Kifli won away an iMac 13 inch' and 1,500 bucks.
He was the most active and monkey on that day.

Win liao of coz camwhore time!!!
Me and the winner, Kifli. He seriously deserved it. 

This is for Guess Section. Okay!! This is 10000xxx more disgusting than Blogger Section.
Suddenly, feels Astro treated blogger too well. lol

Can you see clearly?
Fear or Not?!?!

Then how about this?

Even thought I'm not win but I still manage to get consultation prize. 

Lastly, a group picture with the bloggers of the day. I having fun on that day and made new friends. 

The is the short video on that day. View it and spot me inside. Lol

Okay. This post done. 
Wish you guys Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year. 

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, 
Jingle all the way,

Oh, do you saw my super


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