Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Cried & Won

Mark down my personal emotional.

My families and friends even myself always believe me is a tough and domineering person. Perhaps my characteristics and personality plus my zodiac was Leo make everyone around me think I have king of sailing therefore Im'ma the one who always make the final decision even also in my family's decision. So, I would never cry even when I broke up with my ex-boyfies, getting injured no matter serious or duh!!  or some heart attacking me, only one and the only one I burst cried in front of my friends because my TyTy (hamster pet) was dead when I was in high school.

I always think that crying was such a sympathy. So, I do not like looking at friends or anyone crying in front of me because I dunno what to do at the moment but when if my girlfriends cry because of tiny thingy I will start getting annoying by their tear and think, "Walao!!! Always cry no tired de meh?" "Why do you cry?" "This thing/case makes you cry but...... just nothing?!?!" "Kena scold pun mau cry arr?!?!" etc... etc... 

And today...... I'm cried in front of my tutor and colleagues because today suppose should be my game presentation but my laptop dead in the half way when I still burning the files to a disc for submission. At the moment I still glad that me have a soft-copies as a backup at my external hardisk so my feelings at the moment was not sad just duh!! to my stupid old laptop. 

But when I open my external hardisk on other laptop to re-burn the files, I found that my hardisk was dead too...... I stunned at the moment for awhile and start blessing that this was prank because indeed only one backup I have (assignments, installers and photo pictures). 
After I am sure that external hardisk was not working, I called my friend (assignment's group-mate)  to helps me solve this problem and when I heard his voice..... I start tearing...... I feel so embarrassing and sorry to my group-mates because I make them worry. 

No else..... I still need to go for presentation. So, I reached there and when Sir looking at me and told me my group turn to present my game, I was like...... "Shit!!! Explain to him and told him the truth not for sympathy but understanding what situation I'm faced"....... embarrassing moment ever was while I explained I cried like hell with no end.... OMFG!!! This was embarrassing ever!!! I never thought that I have this day.... I mean crying in front of public like a kid who lost her mum jiang!!!!

By the way, thanks everyone for requested themselves to help me but rejected. I am touched and appreciated the moment even though most of them was sympathy me. 


Let's change topic for some happy sharing.

The first I wanna to shared was this.........

Yay!!! I won again #Nuffnang14Days Challenge. This time goodies worth RM300 makes me quite looking forward about it. I was taking part on #NNFashionFab14 #MakeupMagic section. This is my photo picture submission on it. 

By the way, I already get my prizes for last time #NNShutterbugs14Days #BackInTime challege. Thanks Nuffnang and I felt awkward when Darren and Anne, Nuffnang's Community Executives keep mentioning me for not late for the next day after a event I went with them. #lol #awkwardmoment 

The second one was this...........

Finally, this advertorials box was adding into my Nuffnang account now. I always jealous on people that get sponsored for attending an event and get paid. I was so happy when Anne sent me an email adding this awesome box section into my account. I just done one of the advertorials task and get paid.... Wuhoo!!!! Blogging is awesome!!! #lol

By the way, I still received private advertorial, invite and review. Email me if you wanted to, thechency@gmail.com.

(Signing off to continue rushing my lost assignment)

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