Monday, December 10, 2012

So Wholesome, So Awesome

Thinking of what to have for breakfast everyday?

Or you don't actually eat breakfast?

Please take breakfast everyday for your own good and you will notice actually yourself will be more energetic for rest of the day. 
Seriously, who else love non-spirit human unless you leave in your own world. #lol

So, already understanding the important of breakfast? 
Yay? or Nay?

Anyway, just listen to me. Muahahahahahaha.... #lol

I have a very great breakfast to share with you guys. I think you guys already know what actually I want to share because quite alot of famous blogger already share it out.

Share a very cute white uncle to you guys first before continue my words.
picture credited to BLGN

Yes!!! This is the one!!!
picture credited to Peter.Pan

Introducing the new KFC a.m Multigrain
Tender, juicy O.R fillet, crispy chicken strips, fluffy scrambled eggs, creamy mayonnaise and fresh lettuces all in between a warm, wholesome multigrain bun.

The awesome part was if you're burning your midnight oil or u partying till early in the morning, you can get this thingy start from 4 a.m till 11 a.m.

The best part was if you do not like to drink only coffee or teh like me, 
KFC has more options to choose which has with coffee/tea/teh tarik ‘kaw’/orange juice(s).
Omo omo!!! No more coffee or teh concept breakfast.



  1. Hii nice blog and nice to meet u at blogger Fear Factor Saturday in sunway... hope can be blogger friend ok..

  2. Sure. Nice to meet you too. :D