Thursday, December 6, 2012

Megan Fox

Hi hi everyone~~~

After writing this post I need to continue rushing my assignments. I know I know, you guys get bored when I always almost mention 'assignment' in every personal blogpost. 
Sorry, no else... This is my life. o(╯□╰)o #lifefact

Finally!!! My blog can access already~ NuffnangX has some Malware detected from Google Chrome makes most of blogs (NuffnangX's members) can't be access in. Great that NuffnangX team works like rocket to solve this problem for us. #lol

Anyway, this is my pretty Megan Fox that I drew for one of my task-assignment. The background was manipulated which mean I just copy and paste the original picture. I am too lazy to throw much time on this piece of artwork anymore. Not me lazy but I do not really like environment drawing. Next time will be when I free.... perhaps... #lol

By the way, the tattoo also copy and paste because the tattoo turns blur when I zoomed in to draw therefore I can't see clearly the exact colors (shadow, mid-tone, highlight).

The original picture. I changed the clothes color because I do not know how to apply only one color in a piece clothes without any shadow, mid-tone and highlight (= weird vector). The other reason was by sir requested.

The comparison between the original and mine draw. 
Different 1: Clothes- Lol. A very big different between the original and mine. Color changed with additional shadow, mid-tone and highlight. 

Different 2: Hair: More thicker and fluffier compare with the original.

Different 3: Shadow & Highlight- Not really accurated but overall seems still okay. #teehee


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