Saturday, November 10, 2012

Pipit Wonderful Market

Squeezing in a quick blogpost.

Quick post? Wait?!?! Are you sure this is a quick post?? (*self conversation)

Yes.... A quick post but with tons of photo pictures. #lol 
As long as I am not writing a lot in a post should be consider a quick post. Muahahahaha......

By the way, today I went to Central Market for Pipit Wonderful Market. Actually I went there was for a upcoming assignment. There's a lot of cute homemade handcraft from designers. 

Guess what? Bunny sold alot there... Just remind me of someone bunny lover's friend here who actually turns to 19 next Thursday. #wtf

The little crowd place.... 

I love how they decorate their stall name. Simple, attractive, unique and nice. 

All handmade stuffs. Some of them really unique and worth to be as collections.

Steve Jobs in illustrator version. #lol

This thingy very cute. Remind me that one one my friend is a moo lover. By the way, this cute thingy is giraffe. =.="

Visit their store if you wish to buy their handmade stuffs.

Facebook for stalls info:

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