Friday, November 30, 2012


Morning earlybird.
Blogging by tab because I decided to skip Friday class and taking public transportation to go back home coz if by car sure jam one. If I have car back to home, different case lor.... #dafuq
I am very sleepy just now and now too but when I helped an old woman for taking the right way to her's destination. My mood and feelings turn great likes a sunshine now after she saying thank you to me with 100xxxxx appreciate heart. Helping people is a happy things and of course depending on situations sometime. #lol
My life concept was, 'Work hard, Play hard'. Sometimes when work too hard and play too hard too, I am such like a zombie exhausted because battery in a very critically mode. I need to take at least more than 8 hours to charge myself back to full battery mode but I don't even sleep more than 6 hours everyday equally. #lifefact #bitchlife
And because final submission of assignments are around corner and I still have alot to do more, so I am dilemma weather going to meet Jane Chuckei this Saturday or not? I want meet her so so mich since she is one of my favorite blogger and I believe AshTonic will popup herself too on yhis upcoming Saturday.
Btw, Yay!!!! and thanks for the invites. ∩__∩
#Omfg I finally reach home!!!! Gonna end my post now because I want charge myself to full so I can continue working hard but no playing hard before I done my assignment. #lol

Sign off,

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